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  1. i think that they should make the sword last longer and you should be able to pistol whip while i dual wield.also the armor should be better, and the marines shouldnt be so dumb.
  2. if i could get some feed back on this that would be much appreciated.thanks to everyone who helped me out before with my other sigs.
  3. Sounds like youve been there Shadow. mbacarra-dont feel bad, the kitten just learned not to sleep in high traffic area's(2 bad it had to learn the hard way)but it's not your fault, my buddy did that same thing to his Fiances brothers cat and the thing is fine. Cats have 9 lives this one now has 8 and a long time to use them. Ne wayz i hope the cat gets better.... Peace out
  4. Welcome to the Trap..... It is a good place, and you can have alotta fun here But first Read this.... THE RULES The mods are pretty laid back most of the time, but follow the rules and you'll fit right in
  5. What do you guys think of this one... I'm real intrested in hearing from th GFX crew on this one. The render is a Ringwraith from LOTR(if you didnt guess), and i just started playin around with some FX in PS, and i guess i lucked out and got this. So Pls let me know what you think, Any comments are welcome.
  6. I dont care... I just wanna see my name near the sig, i got hidden marking's on it but thats not the same. Enjoy, if you want another one let me know....
  7. nicely done..., ive never seen that Nav bar style B4-Very Unique.GOOD WORK!!!!
  8. Then how can you critisize my opinion if your not American either! Bush's stupidity affects me because I live just outside the states, and have american freinds and family.
  9. ----------------------------------------- Real Name (optional): Just Call Me Piper MSN: AIM: Email:Piper_2051@yahoo.ca Experience in graphics:Xisto, School(intermediate/advanced CPU Classes) Areas of expertise: Basic Sigs, Funky Stuff Other graphics sites worked at(optional): NONE Past positions at other graphics sites(optional):NONE Current positions at other graphics sites(optional):NONE How much you can be on each day:5-6 hrs (M-F) How many templates/sigs/resources could you make a week: ? Test Me Examples of your work: Just Made This One For ShadowX: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And of Course the Sig Below:
  10. Here you go, i hope you like it... i dont know much about you so i guessed, if here's a problem tell me and i'll fix it... Make sure i get recognition for it (ny name underneath)
  11. what do my names translate to... if some one could tell me that would be great.
  12. Do You think they should impeach George Bush?If so Good for you...If not, What size helmet do you wear?
  13. IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! Check this Out- the Bush Hater's Thread...
  14. we're not sayin the homosexuality is wrong, just gays/lesbians who have kids and deprive them from seeing the other Biological parent. As for adopting i think thats ok so long as the adopter is'nt a pedo...
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