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  1. How do i change the topic title/description of my postI had by mistake misspelled site as size in the topic description of my post "http://forums.xisto.com/topic/93205-topic/?findpost=1064370593 tried to change it by editing it however did not found any option in the editing page
  2. I have found a good software (well actually a web ware) OPENADS. An open source Advertising program. well we can easily add different adverts, give them priorities, even google adsense can be added to it. Even Geo targetting Feature is been added lately. There are two version of Openads currently available: * Openads 2.0 (aka phpAdsNew) – currently the choice of over 90% of the Openads community, and - serves upto 1 million ads per day * Openads 2.3 (aka Max Media Manager) – Still under (TEST MODE) the experts' choice for those with more sophisticated needs. - well can serve upto 1 billion ads per day check it out at : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (its the current latest Under Test version) Username: agency Password: demo Stable version can be downloaded at : MySQL database version PostgreSQL database version
  3. Yahoo is expanding its offer of unlimited e-mail storage worldwide.Yahoo! Mail has begun its rollout of unlimited e-mail storage, which will reach all users of the service within the coming months.Yahoo announced its unlimited storage plan for U.S. residents back in March. Yahoo Mail originally launched in 1997 with 4MB of storage. The mail app was an outgrowth of Yahoo's acquisition of Four11 Corporation, which owned an app known as RocketMail.Both new and existing Yahoo! Mail users will receive an unlimited amount of free e-mail storage. The service upgrade will be available to users of the original Yahoo! Mail service and the Yahoo! Mail Beta.source :news.com.com/2100-1038_3-6171111.html
  4. Samsung Electronics has developed the world’s largest storage-capacity memory card for mobile phones.It is only a quarter the size of the widely-used and existing SD card, but much faster in downloading and uploading multimedia data, it added.Source :http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  5. Google is combining its different Web search services into one “Universal Search” service that will present Web sites, news, video and other results on one page. Universal Search means that standard Google searches will draw results from separate properties covering books, local information, images, news, and video,The combined search would include any site indexed by Google's services. On the video side, for example, it will include YouTube, Google Video and independent sites like Metacafe.com.In addition, the company is introducing new navigation features at the top of every Google page that let users to quickly hop between its different properties.For example, users of Google’s e-mail service, Gmail, can jump instantly to search, calendar, documents, and other services.Google is also preparing a translation service that converts queries into other languages, allowing a user to comb a broader swath of the WebThe technique will translate queries in any of a dozen languages into English, find additional search results, then automatically translate those back into the language of the original query. This will give users in any supported language a broader view of information on the Web. “That by itself will open the Web to different languages,”
  6. Well thanks Everybody For the reply,I found The solution on the mysql dev forums..well its the following - We need to specify a Field Tag in the Order By Argument with its first element to ne the column id SELECT DISTINCT data.id, data.nameFROM dataWHERE category = 2 AND id IN(1957,1923,1921,6628,6377,6360,1942)ORDER BY FIELD(id,1957,1923,1921,6628,6377,6360,1942)
  7. well thanks for the reply however it didn't worked As of Your code I get a error : SQL query: DocumentationSELECT DISTINCT data.id, data.nameFROM DATAWHERE category =2AND idIN ( 1957, 1923, 1921, 6628, 6377, 6360, 1942 )ORDER BY 1957 , 1923, 1921, 6628, 6377, 6360, 1942MySQL said: Documentation#1054 - Unknown column '1957' in 'order clause' You have assumed them to be columns However what i want to do is:Actually by a algorithm i get the Argument of the IN, however Now i want to filter the results so obtained with a condition that their category is 2 and the results so obtained have to be in the same order as supplied in the IN as they are sorted by a logicSo how do i do this
  8. well i would like to recieve the results in the same order a supplied in the IN Argument, ho would i do itPlease help SELECT DISTINCT data.id, data.name FROM `data` WHERE category = 2 AND id IN(1957,1923,1921,6628,6377,6360,1942)
  9. well you could also try some of the softwares available which create a search engine for you:Zoom SearchSearch Engine Builder
  10. Actually meant for adwords advertisers however a good tool to find great keywords:http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ KeywordToolExternal
  11. New technology designed to thwart DVD theft makes discs unplayable until they’re activated at the cash register. A chip smaller than the head of a pin is placed onto a DVD along with a thin coating that blocks a DVD player from reading critical information on the disc. At the register, the chip is activated and sends an electrical pulse through the coating, turning it clear and making the disc playable.The radio frequency identification chip is made by NXP Semiconductors, based in the Netherlands, and the Radio Frequency Activation technology comes from Kestrel Wireless Inc, based in USA.Retail theft of entertainment products, including video games, accounts for hundreds of millions of dollars in annual losses, according to the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA).
  12. Source :http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/north_yorkshire/6645923.stm
  13. source : http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6645179.stm NASA unveiled Thursday a model of the James Webb Space Telescope, the massive space probe that will replace the aging Hubble in 2013 and allow scientists to observe the formation of the first galaxies at the dawning of the universe. JWST, a joint project of the US, European and Canadian space agencies, will be three times bigger than Hubble, with a hexagonal mirror 6.5 metres in diameter and five-layer sunshield the size of a tennis court The probe will include 10 new technologies, including an infrared camera and a spectrometer kept at an extremely low temperature for optimum performance. The telescope is expected to have a 10-year lifespan. Launched 17 years ago, Hubble â orbiting 575 kilometres above Earth â revolutionised astronomy by peering deep into the universe, beaming back dazzling images free of the distortions from Earthâs atmosphere. While Hubble was able to peer back to one billion years after the Big Bang, the new telescope, with mirrors that will capture six times more light than its predecessor, will look even further into the origins of the universe, officials said. âClearly we need a much bigger telescope to go back much further in time to see the very birth of the universe,â said Edward Weiler, director of NASAâs Goddard Space Flight Centre. âWith its more powerful mirrors, the new telescope, for the first time, will send images from that dark age in high resolution.â The 4.5-billion-dollar James Webb Space Telescope will be folded to fit inside a European Ariane V rocket in 2013 and will unfurl 1.5 million kilometres from Earth. NASA plans to launch a space shuttle mission next year to upgrade and maintain Hubble in order to keep it operational through 2013. Without a repair mission, the telescope would shut down in 2009 or even earlier, dealing a blow to scientists who have relied on Hubbleâs images to better understand the universe.
  14. According to an article that i just read at the Yahoo it is posible iPods can cause cardiac implantable pacemakers to malfunction by interfering with the electromagnetic equipment monitoring the heart, how ever nothing as such has been said about any portable music devices other than iPods, which are made by Apple Inc.or others like zune... Here is the complete article: https://www.yahoo.com/
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