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  1. These are the file types accepted at 789mb.com: As you can see, mp3 files are not allowed. Not having access to .htaccess is also a issue that makes this hosting useless for many users. I guess the catch is that you have a lot of space that you can not use... To get an account you just have to register. Regards
  2. Thanks Sten.Currently I have the credits needed to apply to Xisto basic plan. But first I want to familiarize with the forums and the rules. Because I don't want to apply, be denied and look as a fool.My main concern respect to Xisto is how to mantain my account. How many days of innactivity at forums, etc.
  3. by the way translector, was your old host hostvivid?Nop, I am still using a paid hosting, I don't know if mentioning the hosting service as it could sound as an ad.The last months I've tried a lot of free hostings, but I haven't found yet a good one. I hope Xisto accept my future application.789mb is a ultra faster server, but I can't install DevPHPLinks, so it's not for my website. [ http://codigopost.com/ ] Further I need a couple of subdomains.
  4. I have not use Altahost yet so I can not compare. But everything will depend on what kind of site is yours, What are your needs, etc...Personally 15GB space is a lot for me.
  5. Check this site and send your spam to them. They say they are recycling. I've sent some of mine.. I think is a good idea. I mean recycling.. Regards,
  6. A better poll would be who was the firs company to offer free web hostingOr What was the first domain to get page rank 10?Or Why I didn't imagine Youtube first!!!
  7. Look at my search engine here I've made it using Google "Custom Search Engine". It works pretty well. To this moment I've indexed near 2000 sites. https://www.google.com/cse/
  8. Why don't you place some Youtube videos?It's as simple as adding two lines of code into you source code. And you can get this code directly from Youtube.I don't know how to broadcast directly from your webcam. But I guess if you do so you'll have to have your computer on always.Regards,
  9. I am creating this community. It's related to a city in Chile, South America. The city is ConcepciĂłn and the name of the site Conce.Info - InformaciĂłn Regional. This site has about a million of inhabitants. And Currently I am not there, so I can't advertise the site there. Now I am living in Brazil. I've been developing this site for about two weeks. My goal is getting 5000 visitors per day. The site is this I will also mention my main competence I want to go ahead of them. Thanks for your comments.
  10. Recentry I found this site> http://egarbage.blogspot.de/ It's a place where you can send your spam, or egarbage as they call it. I've sent some of mine. Enjoy!
  11. Looking for free hosting I found this today: I haven't use this service yet, but I am planning to do a download section in one of my sites. So I guess it will be usefull.. Enjoy! Notice from WeaponX: Copied from:http://www.rarhost.com/index.php Use QUOTE tags if you intend to copy something from another site
  12. I can sell you as many links as you want!USD$ 1 per linkContact me here: http://codigopost.com/
  13. BG or AG?Before Google: noneAfter Google: https://www.google.cl/?gws_rd=ssl
  14. http://www.789mb.com/rg-erdr.php?_rpo=t is a new free hosting provider. As I stated in the title they offer 15GB of space and 250GB of bandwith monthly. The Cons (in my opinion): Layered panel, no cpanel php Safe mode on Enjoy! Notice from WeaponX: Copied from: http://www.789mb.com/rg-erdr.php?_rpo=t Warning issued.
  15. Interesting, but useless since Gmail exist.Have you tried the new interface of Yahoo email?
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