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  1. Thanks for the javascript.php file, i replaced it with the one i have on my site, but i dont know whether it fixed the problem or not, cause i'm unable to access my site, i can access the cpanel though. seems like the servers are not working properly, but it's been like this for 2 weeks now. still, my site is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  2. You just mentioned my problem logan!!! since the very beginning i and my friend have had problems in accessing the site. just the site, i can easily access the cpanel. it really irritates, since i have to make my site fast and there are time constrains on me. does anyone know why the servers are not working properly?p.s. my site is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
  3. to join up for adsense, is there an age llimit of over 18 yrs, cause i'm just 15 and i wanted to join the program after my website gets popular. I have no problem related to the bank account - my father has agreed to make a special account of my name just for it. i just want to know whether i'm eligible to join.
  4. Can someone just tell me how well has halo 2 fared, cause as far as i remember, halo was a big flop, bungie having ruined the whole project by first releasing it for Xbox. I remeber the days when it was started, there were rave reviews how this game would single-handedly change the entire gaming scene, but they were obvioulsy wrong. I hope bungie has learnt from it's past mistakes and rectified them in this second version.
  5. Any one remember this game? It's been over 4 years since this game has been released, but i still haven't found a single game that measures up in comparision. for the uninitiated - here's the history Freelancer was a massive project started by microsoft way back in 1998, when they decided to make the ultimate space fighter game. it was supposed to be realsed in 2000, but got delayed, and was released in 2002-03 (don't remember) The game is completely perfect - never seen a game like it before. it had awesome graphics, superb gameplay, and immersive sound- you could go on playing for hours without getting tired. and it was never ending - you could go on playing all your life and not finish the game. the thing which irks me is the low key it received - i though it would create a rage in the gaming world, but it passed off quite silently. I don't understand this kind of biasing - where games like doom 3 receive too much attention, but the ones really worth it are pushed aside. If you think i'm crazy comparing it with doom 3 - download the demo from https://www.freelancer.com/ and you'll come to know that even after 4 years, this game still rules the roost. the only game which has come in comparision till now is GTA, but that is another thing.
  6. everyone must have noticed that GIF files are very low in quality as well as space, but i've seen some gif files which have a really high quality. Does anyone know how to make such high quality GIFS? i use Photoshop cs2. i think you have to select the Perceptual option when you use the save As option, but i'm not sure.
  7. It just seems too unrealsitic that aliens don't exist - the possibility of them NOT existing is very low. And, also it is not necessary that they are the same way we are, or use the same "technology"that we do. a few centuries ago, electricity was not known at all and lightning was thought to be God's wrath (at least in my religion). so, there might be something hitherto undiscovered that those extra-terrestrials may have discovered. who know, they may even be transparent, and recognise each other not through sight, but through radio waves!!! in this world of possibilities, anything can happen. Also, a theory could be that God does exist, and he protects us from these aliens. We do not know anything, hence making wild guesses may not prove beneficial
  8. I know that the gods of webdesigning revere dreamweaver as the best wysiwyg editor, but till now i've been using fp. when i heard dreamweaver was nice and tried it out - it freaked me out for the first time. agreed, it's powerful, but macromedia could've made the interface more simpler, like they have in photoshop. so out of your personal experience, which do you feel is the best? i'd go for fp.
  9. with ie, it was ok. IE is just too basic so you do need toolbars to add new features, but firefox has enough features for any toolbar. perhaps the only feature i miss of the googlebar is the pagerank feature - but it's more than my time's worth to install a bar just for that rarely useful feature.
  10. Well, for some time i thought that ati had the lead with their cards, but suddenly nvidia seems to have demolished ati with their sli interface and the new geforce 7800 gtx card. so the question is: which card i the best - ati or nvidia??I vote for nvidia.
  11. Frankly, i feel that this is a bad move by microsoft. the name longhorn does sound cheeky, but now people are accustomed to it, after all the hype surrounding it. if they rename it to vista, it will create much confusion, and people will begin to think that vista is the successor of longhorn (now that's a bit too far)can't they just decide on one thing? typical microsoft....
  12. Allright, i agree this is a really silly question, but after installing phpbb (which came along with phpnuke) i noticed that the avatars which were pre-installed were totally useless and out-dated. i searched the net over but couldn't find cool avatars, like the ones here at Xisto. do you know any website which have some decent avatars??
  13. I'd say that instead of bringing out a Package No 3, where everything is upgraded, you could bring out special packages. like for example, ceratin people don't need fantastico, or some thing like that, so you could just remove those features and increase the others, so that the overall balance is maintained. also, for upgrading again, one must have a real reason, and not just because "you can". this would reduce the number of upgraders, cause it's in human nature to take some thing which is being offered free, whether one requires it or not.
  14. I am a hard - and - fast windows user - i really don't know why though. Linux intrigues me, the various features that is has and the other things i'm hearing, it seems to be really good. but at the end of the day, when i want a familiar place which feels at home, only windows is able to give that easiness. i'm not against linux, just saying that i've become habituated to windows.
  15. So that's what it is!!! I made the forum recently and was surprised to find a wysiwyg editor, and decided to try it out, but it is rubbish - the html is not accepted only and the tags show up in the message. could you send me the javascript.php file, so that i can fix it?? thanksP.S.: the editor does not appear in IE - try it out. i guess it's only for firefox.
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