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  1. Hi Hiaito, wishing you a very happy birthday. Enjoy and have a lovely day ahead. God bless you.

  2. I was an active member of Xisto around this time in 2005..And they are still running. And whats even more entertaining is that..people that were trying to get hosted around my time are STILL HERE. Jesus, move on. LOLXisto service must be awesome. Props to Xisto. They're a great free host. Unfortunately, I had to move on. I started my own website and such.Xisto!
  3. Ok honestly. I'm on the deputy's side. I believe he shot the kid for the sake of his safety and the civilian's safety.Really, why is it when a child or teenager gets shot, the media makes more of a deal about it than when an adult is shot? I personally feel if you're out there fighting and stabbing, you can take a bullet. Plus, the kid was running. It was his job as a cop to apprehend him. So if you fight and run, you pay the consequences. =/
  4. Thats a nice thing to do for your members, OpaQue. Kudos man.
  5. Yes, i've seen it. Its really nice.You can make custom buttons too.
  6. Actually, I believe Google isn't number 1. Perhaps in popularity, but not in quality and results.Google uses an AJAX search and advanced bot technology that explores web sites almost thoroughly. But there are alot of sites mooching off Google. Like Dogpile and Excite which queries Google and many other search engines for results. I'll say their metasearchers or multisearchers will take over. =P
  7. Thats nerdy.I'd just live my life. On account that I wouldn't know of the internet if it never existed. And my knowledge base would be cut in half, I learned most things from the internet. =/
  8. I have the video of it. I'm not posting it here, its rather graphic. If you can handle that type of stuff, or better yet, you're over 18, PM me for the video.
  9. No news topics are available online yet, since I posted this 20 minutes after it was announced on the news. He was executed, finally.
  10. Yes, I want to be frozen. I am not pleased with the world.But its impossible to freeze yourself and ACTUALLY think your molocules with stop. You entire body would deteriate inside the ice.And Knuckles...you're trifling.
  11. Hiaito


    A marquee is super simple... <marquee>TEXT</marquee> Well, all depending on what type of marquee.
  12. Well from my perspective its good for any job. Whether a newbie or advanced, I think anyone with basic e-knowledge could figure it out. If they can't, they have no business with a website. And I don't know and other things for Drupal except the modules provided, detportal.
  13. Hiaito


    I found Tizaq to be quite helpful. But whole funkychickens thing is an entirely different story.
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