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  1. good one, how about this...Whenever i go to a wedding, my grandma always pinches my cheek and says "your next, your next." It got so annoying that when i went to a funeral, i said the same thing to her. or this oneWhat's the definition of mass confusion?20 blind lesbians in a fish market.
  2. this is funny i just cant play any game there cause i cant click the arrows i dont have the patience to hold my mouse and click a tiny arrow. funny how people do crazy stuff like this
  3. thanks unicornrose for this tutorial. it would really help people who would like to set up an aquarium. I have a 70 g fishtank its beautiful but its a pain in the *bottom* to clean it even though i have some very good filters. Im planning to change from fresh water fishes to salt water fishes, but its more work right?
  4. thanks if this really works it would help me alot cause i have so many sigs.thanks snlildude87
  5. this is for the people who dont know that, i seen people asked how to add passwords to archives.
  6. Thanks for this hint OhMyBosh i already have 50 cent in earnings i just hope they pay me when i get to $10. thanks
  7. When i turn it on to hear some musics eveything is good but when i press "X" to close it the music keeps playing even tho there is no windows media player tab or anthing. How can i fix this thanks
  8. I saw in the news that a gas station in Oregon (i think not sure) is charging $6.00 . They were lauching an investigation cause they are charging way to high. I just hope that the gasoline price doesnt go up cause ill be screwed if the prices went up
  9. im peruvian and my first lenguage is spanish ill be glad to help you or anybody that need help. I been speaking spanish for the last .... 9 years and i even know a little bit of portuguese
  10. just to let you guys know "forum" translated to english is "foro" with the accent in the "o" i just dont know to do that
  11. most of the shakes i make are from banana, apple, some vannila ice cream and of course milk. Thats about it. Some milkshakes are good for your help spacially those natural thingies
  12. ****This tutorial will show you how to put files into .rar Archive and pass worded (if wanted)**** What You Will Need Before continuing you will need a couple of thing, first of all you need WINRAR, which is a very powerful archive manager. It can reduce size for you email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other types of files downloaded from the internet. You can get winrar at http://www.rarlabs.com/ The other thing is that make sure your using Windows XP because this is what I used to make this tutorial. I think it works with any other windows not sure though. IF your using older version of windows u might find some buttons in different locations. ~~How to archive your files into winrar~~ 1) Find the files you will like to compress/archive make sure they are all in the same folder (easier) Once you open the folder, highlight the files you which to archive/compress Your screen should look like this 2) After doing that right click any file and select Add to Archive Your screen should look like this 3) After doing that you will get something like this Where it says game1.rar thats the name of the archive that your are creating (name it as you wish) 4) You are Done after doing that you will get your archive The archive will be located in the same folder you did all of the steps Your screen should look like this ~~How to add a pass word to your archive~~ (optional) This is just if you dont want anyone else to see what you have in your archive. After doing step #2 (same as step #3) Now to add the pass click the Advance tab located on the top of the pop up box and you will get something like this: Once you get that, click Set Password and a new box will appear Type Your pass word and retype it just to make sure you did it right and click OK and ok again. And after that you will get the same picture like step #4 but it will be password procted. There you go you have succefully created a Winrar archive author = DYABLO Enjoy
  13. very nice sigs if I had to choose one ill pick number 2, love the brushes and the render and nice avatar btw. And you already know you need some work in the text. Keep it up.
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