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  1. Those sure are great, but you barely get any time to take a screany when you look at them and enjoy heh. But the whole physics in this game is awesome lol dont you just love it when an enemy is running for a gun and you shoot at it and it flyes in a different direction, away from your enemy and he cant pick it up
  2. Ok i am looking for a good gaming console system for online play. Computers getting boring lately and the everyone i know that has a console gaming system, they love it. So what one should i get. I know PS2 and xbox get online, are there any other ones that have it and which one of them gets better games?
  3. Well i would say i am above the average with the awp... More of the kills come closer ranges so if you do you awp you should "quickscope". Heh if you do not know what that means, what you do is you can run with a pistol for running faster unless you dont care then you just run with the awp. To quickscope, click both mouse buttons at once and then it will give you a little cross for the awp and you can shoot the awo like a bazooka :DAlso there is something called a dragshot lol and when i was told what it was it was pretty neat . But i cant remember how exactly to do it.
  4. I am making my own Counter Strike server and i got amx up and running on it no problem. Now i want to turn the server into WC3 mod. Can anyone who has done it tell me the step by step instruction on how to do it and maybe even where to get the files needed, because i've been searching the internet for a while and i gave up after some time of boredom.thanx
  5. Yeah i tried all the maps available in single player to test out new weapons and vehicles that the game has etc. The helicopters and jetplanes are awesome. However they are both very hard to control, i find best way to fly either of them is without using the mouse due to the sensitivity of the mouse ( no matter what you set it to) all the turns you are going to make are going to be very sharp and drastic and everntually you will crash into a tree and blow up :ph34r:It's fun that you can get into a jet plane and then fly it to the enemy side and then jump out with a parachute so the plane crashes into enemy base.. i try to do that every time but barely ever get to the point of jumping out before crashing lol.
  6. I have a top of the line computer which configuration i've posted in a different topic before ( and video adapter is GeForce 6800GT). I am running BF2 on high settings and not getting any lag or anything. I think this game is amazing but also has its flaws. One of the things that i liked about the game is that everything looks more realistic and more guns are available. One thing that i do not lke is that it requires a powerful pc which not many people have. If BF2 could be ran on a p2 or p3 atleast would be even better.
  7. I heard about this Windows 2003 enterprise has been out for a while now and i been told it was on the microsoft site available for downloads from people. So if anyone who already used it or seen someone use it. I have a question. I am trying to make a webserver for downloads or maybe host a website... whatever the case is (maybe even a game server ). Does windows 2003 give you the opetion while installing to make it a server and not a user machine. I do not want to use linux because i'd waste a long time strudying how to use it first and i need this fast. Any replies are appreshiated. Thank you.
  8. ROFL this is just sad when you tell people that you play a game without any pictures in it, but once you visualize it.. I guess it's an rts. Kings of Chaos is a game where you attack enemies and spy on their inventories through text. It's fun time to time when you actually succeed to brake enemy's weapons with your spies and won't get caught, but then again no pictures make the game less interesting. I wanted to know if anyone else on here plays it or atleast played it at some point. I myself enjoyed it untill i got a leet computer to play cool games.
  9. 1. Half Life 1,22. Deuce Ex3. Counter Strike 1.5 & 1.64. Lineage 25. Max Payne 1,2...im a multigamer lol i cant just list 5 games when i play and love em all
  10. OK now.. i am looking for this game i've seen someone play a few years back lol yeah i know... The game itself looked like WarCraft and the main menu was the one they have in WC also but the game play was different. You would only play with 1 char and it's online so everyone that is connected to your game or the person hosting it will start in same location and would have a house where you start to buy upgrades and stuff in. The mobs cannot get into this starting area because it's a safe zone. Then the one char that you play goes out gets points to lvl up while killing the mobs... and once again it all looks like warcraft. Does anyone know what this game is opr maybe its some kinf od addon to WC that i can download and install... i really want to find it. I hope it wasn't a beta version of WC :S... thanx Notice from BuffaloHELP: "Need Help" is against TOS topic title description. Edited.
  11. You all want to know the car of the future. Mercedes gives you SMART It is exactly what movie AI has predicted. Small efficient car that will not take up much space and look cute, while is also enviromentally friendly. Smart is the real car of the future.
  12. I have a paypal account and i'm pretty sure so do most of you people on this forum. I have recently recived a payment over paypal which was $200 USD and only way i could receive it after i already accepted it was to upgrade my account to either business or premier so i chose premier because it looked pretty much just like business and sounded cooler lol. Anyways then they subtracted $6.90 USD from the money transferred althought it was supposed to be a free transfer :S. When you come to think about it, paypal is a pretty neat scam. No one ever notices it except for people that actually look into it but paypal makes soo much money of the people that use it. I'm dissapointed that a company famous world wide even chanrges for transfers taht they say are free of chanrge and rip people off.
  13. all i can say about google earth is WOW, this is a very interesting tool to use and it's also fun to just see up from the space at the planet and to find your home like I did. Although too bad it's just a bunch of images and not the live feed video. If that is the next step i am going to be jsut amazed by google.
  14. There really is no difference between those two. They are both manufactured by the same company and it's pretty much the same software except you get different interfaces to the software. I would suggest you to get Kaspersky antivirus, which i don't know if you have heard of or not but i've used em all and this antivirus program is not just the best it's absolutely best. It will not harm the files infected just simly fix them unlike norton and McAffee which totally screw up your computer once you get a decent virus. It's either that or if you search the internet using Internet Explorer go to PCcilling website and run their free antivirus online scan. This is the best online scan there is. And also just a suggestion.... Never intall any anti spyware software, it is never for the good of your computer.
  15. heh ya i wasted sooo much time doing the searches for NETBUX and i got nothing... i thought it was a scam freom the start but i changed my mind when the guy who told me about this actually got money from it... I guess that's how they trick people, pay the first one and then he reffers a lot of poeple that would do the same thing and then the company goes down... As i see it there may be another one coming up sometime soon just like netbux and i won't be surprised if it's exactly same people again
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