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1 Terabyte Email...... its true....

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companies are wasting thjeir webspce and bandwidth and lots of time.i know gmail.rediffmail and yahoo are giving out


ohhhh,the 1TB email,i have got too.although hrider is awesome to offer people huge storage,the email lack loading speed and usual function.however,we who alppied for should thank hrider.


omg thats huge, how much does it cost, correction 1 terabyte = 1024 GB :) lol


Yes... I wonder if we will have more than 1000 TB... what are we going to call it?


What is terabyte?? Terabyte == 1000 gigabytes? If yes, I'm almost sure they will not keep the services much time... 100 members mean they would need 100.000 gigabytes, or 100.000.000 megabytes, do you think they will earn enough money to pay for all this space? IF they have all this space avaiable, there are many other problems too, just like this message which clagnol told us:


The server process has been interrupted due to an internal error. Please wait a moment, then refresh the page.


Gmail, for example, canm provide you 1 gigabyte email. So, 1000 users of gmail == 1 user of hriders! Does it sound possible to you? I don't think so...


Yeah, I got one too. But I have to stress that it doesn't work properly. You could only send messages, can't attach files or recieve any messages


a terabyte??? i signed up for it and i could not log in, a very very good welcome sign and a good preview of its hosting and running capabilities.The terabyte things is, i bet , a hoax, since no one would every be able to store enough to exceed 1 terabyte to dissaprove them, it could be a gigabyte,,, but a terabyte??? you kiddin me? its 1000 gigs, G I G A B Y T E S,, you can put all the info of all the books in all the libraries into one email account. Its a motorcycle club anyway, as a result security and reliability gets 0, it looks bad too, my 10 year old brother can design stuff better than that.Anyway, CheersTariq


I use Gmail and it works fine... And i don't think it is really that neccesary that you need 1 TERRABYTE!!!! that is just too much:P but if it really works i'll check it out


Er... I cant check my mail... And I enabled all pop ups, and I looked at the code and found no redirect code. Hmm?


Looks to me like a hoax, no one can actually log in, but they can sign up..


I currently use Gmail as my email system, but I will take a look at this site. Seems to good to be true :o


i was just simply thinking one stupify... nowsaday those mail server increasing the storage.. so i was wondering is there a technology like i can use those storage/space as for web hosting.. :D some are 2G over now so probably can host quite big data .. creating script like from web page to go mail login then auto login when user requested then accessing the data :D:o nah! just joking..

dont try this at home

1 Terabyte mail storage thou only attachment allowed 10M isnt that different!!! that's wut i thought!!cheer!!!!!!! :D


heh, sounds tempting but i rather keep my files in my computer :oim sure it will be hard to reach 1 terabyte of storage unless you're uploading every CD you have.


Well i know gmail is good start.but i think it do not support ie5 cause many people have 98 and not updated the ie.
so i tried http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
nice site preety good space with spam filters.nice one.


It will be very difficult to fill up 1 terabyte. I bet the company does not even have more than 1 terabyte on their server.


1 TB thats more than my computer will hold in its dreams. I don't think this service will last for long I don't even see a paid e-mail provider being able to support this. Anyway I hope that this does work I sure could use an e-mail provider where I don't need to delete all the time.


I just think its TOO MUCH space. There is no way in a million years i could use all that disk space. NoWay. Its crazy, but i guess some people could since there is such an e-mail account out there.


It's all insane, that much space is NOT needed, it is a gimmick, they CANNOT possibly have that much space and not go bankrupt, it's impossible... And that's that...


completely impossible... thats the word :lol: i'm sure they dont have even 1 terabyte in their servers... geez its 1000GB... 1000000MB, 1000000000KB... ... That's just too much space :)


i didnt even know what "terabyte" was, seems real crazy... surely no one needs this much? who would want to send 500mb attachements?it just seems real crazy to me and a waste of space, i thought googles 1gb gmail was crazy, but a terabyte????? damn


A terabyte email is crazy!For my hotmail account, I think I have like 250mb of space, and I think I used somewhere around 1 percent is it? The only thing that sucks about hotmail though is sending files. Once I tried send a Power Point presentation to someone and it said it was a virus.