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Coupon For Godaddy.com price reduction of a domain name

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Goddaddy.com offers coupons for a lower price for a domain name. This code expires on June 26, 2011. This code reduces the price of a domain with 29%. Without the code the price of a domain name is $ 11.99. An extra $ 0.18 is added as a registration fee for the central registrar office. This price doesn't include privacy protection. The name that is used to register the account is published on the internet.


Coupon code:




This cooupon code can be entered before paying the bill for the purchase of a domain name. The website with the overview of the costs and the chosen domain name has a small window to put in this code. During the proces of the purchase this code can typed in the code window. After clicking on the button: Apply the price gets reduced.


Reduced price


Privacy registration costs $ 9.99.

With the coupon code the protection of the privacy costs $ 6.99.


When a .com name is ordered the website offers a .info domain name for $ 0.49.






Part 2: Reduction


When ordering a domain name at godaddy.com and after clicking on a lot of buttons a page opens. This page contains a window called: Order summary. In this part a button is called:


Enter Promo or Source Code


When this button is clicked on a window opens to enter the promo code. After entering the promo code the button: Apply can be clicked.


The price of a domain is: $ 12.17.

The price of a domain with the extension .com with the promo code is: $ 8.69.

The price with privacy protection is with the promo code: $ 13.66.

The price of a .com domain name with privacy protecton without the code is: $ 19.16.


Godaddy is quite notorious with their offerings of domain registrations. So if possible try to avoid registering domains with godaddy. You can instead register domains with namecheap or any other enom register. You can also use xisto domains if you want. But avoid godaddy domains just because it's cheap doesn't mean they're good with their offerings and policies. You can read websites like nodaddy.com for more information on why you should avoid godaddy offerings. They're always bad on privacy and domain expiration/renewal and rights or property points. Though some may ignore it and forget it but the business practice of godaddy is not good.


Thank you for the information zenia. Godaddy.com maybe is the best domain registrar in the world and the biggest too. I can´t buy a domain now because I don´t have a credit car because I abused of my old credit cart and my parents took it away from me. What a shame that was a good promotion to get a cheap domain name. I have used Godaddy before once I was to registrar a domain name with a .info but I register the domain name and never used it. Ridicoulus rigth but that is truth I give my money to them for nothing althougth the domain only was $1.01. Godaddy is pretty good for me and I am waiting to buy some domain names from it in a future when I recover my credit card because posting here in Xisto is possible but you know you have to pass a lot of your time posting here to get the enougth Mycents to buy a domain althougth there are some guys who are pretty good in the typing and in the writing and they told me they made almost one dollar in only 8 minutes maybe it is truth but I am not so good with the typing and less writing and sometimes I don´t know what more can I write I think I will make a topic about this and request for some help to me to get more typing ability and writing too.Thank you for the infomation again zenia you are great.


This topic is about coupons for godaddy to get a reduced price.

This topic is not about the quality of godaddy. This topic is not an advertizing thread about godaddy. It might seem to be an advertizing topic. This topic shows that there are options to get a reduction of the price of a domain.

The discussion about the quality is interesting enough for a seperate topic.

The conversation about godaddy can be continued in the topic about the quality of godaddy.


Well zenia I was only trying to expose the great Godaddy is because there is only one site to get a cheap website. And you can get a lot of domain terminations like .com, .net, .org, .tv, .biz, .es, .com.mx all that domains which are impossible to get in a normal domain register site. That was only an aclaration. But I want to thank you again about the coupon because I will give some money to get a domain name using it because I don´t have the time to be posting here forever to get the domains names I want. So thank you zenia and keep posting.