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How To Access A Ftp/sftp Server, And Download/upload Files

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FTP/SFTP is a method of transferring files that most webhosts use, so its nice to know how it is done :P


For Macs

Navigate your browser to https://cyberduck.io/ and download the latest version of CyberDuck.

Drag the application to wherever you want it to be (most probably /Applications) and open the app. You will see a window that looks similar to the one below:

Posted Image


Click Open Connection on the top left corner, and select one of the many transfer protocols (most probably FTP/STP). type in the Server, Username, and Password (provided by webhost. if not, contact them). Then click connect, and youre in!


That window shows the server's files, and you upload/download by dragging files to and from the window, which I think is really nice.



For PCs

Navigate your browser to https://winscp.net/eng/index.php and download the latest version of WinSCP.

Depending on the type of package you downloaded, install and run (installation package) or just run (portable package) the WinSCP. You will see a window that looks similar to the one below:

Posted Image


Type/Paste in the Host Name, Username, and Password (all should be provided by webhost. if not, contact them). Change the Protocol to FTP/SFTP depending on your webhost.


click login, and you're in! The left side is your computer's files, and the right is the files on the server. Simply drag and drop files between the two, and files are being transferred!


Also, the application mentioned above for macs (Cyberduck) also has a Windows version, which you can try. I haven't tested it yet, but it seems promising because the mac version is really nice and I have been using it for a few years already :P



So that concludes this tutorial. Any questions, please PM/Email me


NOTE: all applications I mentioned are free download and use.


Happy Website-uploading!!! :o

Dirk Wolfgang Glomp

FTP/SFTP is a method of transferring files that most webhosts use, so its nice to know how it is done :P

For Windows i use most times the Built-in FTP client of the Total Commander to upload files to my homepage.




Even the ftp client embedded in Internet Explorer is able to access a ftp site. Open the URL of the ftp site, it will ask for your name and password, and then it will work act as a stander Windows Explorer windows, allowing you copy-pasting or even opening documents.And also don't forget FileZilla, my favorite free ftp client.


oh now that you mention it, i remember macs have this kind of function as well, to mount ftp servers as if its local.
open finder, and click "Go" -> "Connect to Server". or just type <cmd>+<k>.
A window like the one below will pop up.
Posted Image
type it the ftp server, but remember to add "http://forums.xisto.com/to the beginning, because this feature is uses "a http://forums.xisto.com/; (apple file sharing protocol) by default.
Then, its the same as always, you click "Connect", then type in username and password. and you're connected. If you want to save the credentials, click "Add to Keychain".
this might be better than Cyberduck, but I find Cyberduck more user friendly. idk why


If you want to go really old school then Windows users can access the built-in FTP client in any DOS window (http://www.nsftools.com/tips/MSFTP.htm). I don’t recommend this because you will pull your hair out after typing the first 100 commands.As mentioned earlier, Filezilla (https://filezilla-project.org/) is not only the best but also a free way to get a FTP client. There is also a Filezilla server that is free.


FTP and SFTP are not the same.SFTP uses port 22 as defaul while FTP uses port 21 as defaultOn SFTP connection, both client and server needs to identify each other by using a certificate keyWhile FTP is enabled on default, SFTP needs extra setup before it can be available.SFTP servers needs SSL support while FTP can do without one.Chances are, an SFTP account will be IP locked 70% of the time.


yeah i know! I've never seen a webhost use sftp, i don't know if thats even possible.Just pointing out that they can connect via sftp as well as ftp.


SFTP enables webhost is expensive and most of the time cost 3x-5x the price for the same non-SFTP webhost. On average, 2-3 out of 5 websites I created are hosted on SFTP enabled webhosting and 90% of them have IP locked access. The locked can be disabled but it will help more if they are turned on vs brute force access on the server. The rest are non-IP locked since the designer who are updating the templates being used hyave an ISP with a dynamic IP.I don't know about the samples given but Windows IE have problems on connecting to the SFTP servers while on dos mode, you can use Telnet as an alternative. WinSCP and Filezilla can both connect to SFTP servers without problems and they are both free.I use the old Techcia client which is now known as Techia SSH. The old version is free while the latest versions are paid.


Even the ftp client embedded in Internet Explorer is able to access a ftp site.

It's very slow no matter how fast is your connection. I found internet explorer taking loads of time just t find the ftp site and then connecting to it. It has to be some problem with IE and not internet connection because connection was fast on other tasks except with IE FTP.

Firefox's FTP Add-ons or FireFTP program which works outside the browser is worth installing. I use fireFTP on windows XP.


I've always used coreftp personally, the lite version anyway (free). It's simple and fast which is always what you want.


On Mac my choice is Transmit - the best FTP software IMHO.On Linux, I just use Dolphin to access the remote FTP server as if it is some local directory.