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So what do you think? I'm using PayPal since 2009 and i am very satisfied with it. What payment are you using?


So what do you think? I'm using PayPal since 2009 and i am very satisfied with it. What payment are you using?

I have heard a lot about paypal that it is a very good service and a reliable one too. It might be a fact that PayPal is a good service but I'm sorry to say that there is no PayPal in pakistan and since I live in Pakistan therefore I cannot use it. I do not know why paypal has not invested in doing business in Pakistan because Pakistan is the seventh most populated country of the world and has an ever-growing industry of information technology. there are many other companies similar to PayPal that are making handsome amount of profits by doing business in Pakistan. Although the absence of paypal in Pakistan is not such an issue while doing work for a Xisto but one finds a lot of difficulties when he visits some websites that will pay for doing work and pay only through PayPal.


Depends from what you mean by "payment". Do you mean "how to buy things on the Internet"? or do you mean "ways to be paid"? Because every bank offers secured way for paying with your visa card, which is not mentioned here. Why?-----------------EDIT : From some answers, now I see that you mainly consider the way of receiving money from somewhere and send it to somewhere else. In that case my opinion does not really matter, because I usually take the money from my salary in order to buy things! :)


Paypal is very weird when it comes to online payment. You'll find that they'll limit your account and will nill your balance if they found that payment sent by you or sent to you has any issues as per them. Weird in many parts that they even randomly block accounts for things that they think are wrong but fail to give reasons. Many merchants got their account locked because of clients returning and asking for money back of the product. These things aside it can be a one good savior if you don't have adsense and other ad networks. You can sign up to squidoo for content hosting and earn from paypal. This way there are many options in many ways you'll find that paypal is savior for freelancers.

Alertpay comes second to my list and if you're working with payment processors like liberty reserve, money bookers then getting money at alertpay and then retrieving it is best option. I didn't verified my account at alertpay as of yet but planning to do so in future.

For online shopping i think paypal and google checkout are the only trusty options. Paypal isn't trusty in comparison to google checkout lol. If you want to sell your digital products then there are some sites like payloadz, e-junkie etc. Other than that i suggest using clickbank or other affiliate seller service or shopping cart services instead of paypal.

Just noticed that moneybookers is accepted at ebay these days. So that payment processing site is gaining momentum.


Yeah dude, I got limited for no reason, yesterday! :) I sold a virtual item to my friend from other city, and he sent me 100 dollars, and I've immediately withdraw the money to my VISA Electron credit card to get the money. After 1 hour I've received a email that says: Notification of Limited Account Access RXI007

Dear Bojan,
As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the
PayPal system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding
your account.

We are very sorry, but in accordance with the PayPal User Agreement, we are
no longer able to have you as a customer.

We have had to close your account for the following reason:

We have detected suspicious activity regarding the receipt or withdrawal of

We apologize for any inconvenience this account closure may cause. You may
still log in to PayPal to view your transactions history and personal
information for a limited time.

The funds in your account will be held for 180 days, due to the risk of
outstanding chargebacks and complaints. After 180 days, any remaining funds
will be available to you for withdrawal.

I've immediately logged in my PayPal account and I've wrote a Notice in the Resolution Center that I've sold the virtual item to my friend, and he sent the money on his purpose and etc. Now the status of the case is: Being Reviewed By PayPal. Goddamn I hate them... they've stole my money that I really need too much to go on vacation, but PayPal doesn't asks you do you need money or not. :D Now all I can do is wait till PayPal team responds to mine and my friends responds in the Resolution Center and hopefully they'll unfreeze my account. In the mean time, I've made a new PayPal on my dad's name for any case if i need to recieve or send money... Any one had like this problems? If you had, please write how much time did you wait to get unlimited your account. Thanks.


Well the reason i think they limited your account is you immediately withdrawn your money. Lol, sounds weird but it is. They earn a lot of commision on money which is pending there in account and earning us no profit. Now that many people withdraw money from it makes it hard for them to detect that why anyone withdrawn the money they earned so far. I don't know but this could be one weird logic behind their working. Anyway, life doesn't end here. You can sign up for alertpay and consider moving your business away from paypal. More you move better it is cause there is way you can win over this resolution as they have no time for settling all this. Even i want to withdraw my money and move myself away from paypal,let's see how it goes. I simply can't rely on this payment processor anymore. You can also use alternative like moneybookers, stormpay and google checkout for most of your transactions from now on.


I heard a lot of complaints about PayPal, but it's the way they do business, as I know in most of the countries there PayPal is not available, it's due to different laws in different countries to do activity like that, but of course it could be different reasons too.I personally don't use PayPal, but have an account with them, usually I just ask my friend to buy something for me, by giving him money through Internet bank account, if I want to buy something from ebay :) This is due to, to use PayPal in my country, I need to pay the bank 3$ a month to upkeep the service to get and send money to my paypal account and due to I usually buy something online once or twice a week, there is no need for me to have this feature :D Besides I feel save that my money is in the bank and not in some other system. :P


Recently there was big issue with paypal and indian banks. Paypal stopped all the payment that were to and from india. Because of this it affected many outsourcing works and freelance payments. The real issue was between paypal and indian bank regualtory control. Once that issue solved another issue was started that was about many indian people making gift and donation to skip the money. Because of this paypal stopped personal payments and donation option for indians.I know this sounds really bad but many people are moving away from paypal. Your best option for safe payment isn't paypal anymore. You should get prepaid credit card and from there you can get google checkout or similar service. I think alertpay is available in most of the countries so you can sign up to that instead of paypal. If not alertpay, you can sign up for moneybookers which is accepted in many of the hosting services and online shops. I don't know if it's better to connect paypal or moneybooker with your bank but i think it's better to get cheques instead of connecting it with bank. The reason is in any case you'll lose few bucks during bank transactions which is sad thing that can happen cause for some countries these fees could cost 3-5 $ which is large sum depending on the money they earned from cheque.


paypal was good once but now there seem to be issues every other day. this is getting very irritating and im really hoping that there is another good alternative for paypal. the problem is that most companies dont support any other online payment system other than paypal so people are forced to stick to it even though they are not entirely happy with it! so for now paypal will continue to remain the most widely used system.