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A Funny Difference Between Ie And Firefox one is bug-safe and the other is not

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href="album/page1.htm" is something most of you use rather frequently.I typed href="album\page1.htm"It tested my page with Internet Explorer, worked fine.And I happened to be under Firefox, it said "Page not found"!That means that IE corrects the error and Firefox respects my stupid mistyping and cannot display the page!Funny, isn't it ? :)


Maybe add it to the list of improvements for the next release of firefox on the mozilla site, after all it is a developers project. I've also noticed that when you load a darker coloured website in IE the shading is slightly darker than it is in firefox, not by much but I noticed it on my own site when working with browser compatibility. Doesn't show up as much if you use the IE Tab firefox extension but is definately noticeable when opening a new process of IE.


I just tested, and yeah it seems that IE does fix the slash \ to slash /, but don't have Firefox to test it, but Opera also automatically fixes the mistake.Don't have a site to test know, but I guess it only tries to fix this if it's a directory, due to on ?id=123\123 it doesn't change the slash to /, so this is good. I can't think of a situation, but maybe sometimes, the site really can be only accessible through this kind of directory? example.net/myphpsite/go\here\and\thereand using .htaccess and mod rewrite and PHP I could use the string go\here\and\there but those browsers would change the slash \ to slash / and the site would only work on Firefox :DA good way to remove most of browsers from visiting that site :)


don't have Firefox to test it

For temporary tests you can use the portable version of firefox, you get it from here : http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portableThe portable version is very convenient because you don't have to install it : you put it on a USB flashdisk, you run it from there, and all your settings are the same when you move from your own computer to another one : nothing in the register table, no installation, when you remove your flashdisk (or the local folder if your prefer work locally) everything is cleared off your pc.
I do that way in order to see if things depend from my own PC settings and if a given behavior changes when I go to another PC.


I hate Internet Explorer because they stole the tabs idea from Mozilla Firefox or i think every browser today has the stolen tabs idea from Mozilla Firefox...


Firefox really wasn't the first browser to have tabs.. Just read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabbed_browsing

The first Internet browser to have tabs was InternetWorks browser, it was in the year 1994. Later on IBrowse in 1999 an Amiga browser, I remember I used it on my Amiga 1200 computer till 2002. In the year 2000 Opera browser has introduced tabbed browsing in Opera 4 version and only later in 2001 Mozilla has introduced tabbed browsing.. And in 2002 Pheonix 0.3 now known as Firefox introduced tabs. Later fallowed Konquerror, Safari and IE7 to use tabs..

So Opera was the first really good browser to use tabs on Windows in the year 2000, Firefox started to use tabs 2 years later. :)

And IE6 sucks! I hate it.

grim reaper1666

have you ever looked how much resources ie now uses compared to firefox its like 10 times more. ie also posses more of a security threat since is is hardwired into your system files basically ie finds the virues and gives them a inventation to your system to have a party so i don't think ie is any better than firefox, also you can customize firefox but you can't customize ie.