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Windows Xp > Windows 7 Switching over?

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Hey, I am looking to see if there is a way for me to go from Windows XP to Windows 7 without having to format my hard drive, is this possible or will a format be required? Thanks for the help :)

grim reaper1666

that depends on how space you have you could if you have enough space GB. install it over xp and after 7 installs delete the unnecassary xp files. another thing you could do is to create a partition which you then install windows 7 onto that and then you could dual boot xp. if you have 2 hdds you could also dual boot like that by installing 7 to one of the hdds and leave xp untouched on the other.


But wouldn't that mean I will have to get rid of xp on the other or I will be unable to access it via a slave drive?


How many partitions do you have? only C: or also you have more and you can access lets say D: partition?

Also what is the size of those partitions?

As I remember, you can upgrade to Vista and then to Windows 7 without problems, but to buy Vista just to upgrade to 7 would be stupid..

Personally I would format everything, install a fresh copy of Windows 7 and before that you could backup the files you really need to some external HDD if you have one.

You can have a look at these links: