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My experience with Norton 2009 Antivirus Slows Down Your PC?

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My experience with Norton 2009Antivirus Slows Down Your PC?

why does norton slow down my computer?

I downloaded the version that I received as a Christmas gift which is the 2009 Norton Antivirus with Antispyware and it slows down my computer sooooo much. I hate it. My normal antivirus protection is called Shield Deluxe and I downloaded it off of the internet and it is great! It had very good ratings, some of the best! I absolutely love it b/c it doesn't slow anything down and catches EVERYTHING. I download music alot and this catches it b4 I get the whole song downloaded. I wouldn't recommend Norton!!

-reply by Amber



I think it slows down your computer because it checks everything, every image you are viewing,every text you are reading and pretty much everything you are downloading. That might explain slowing down internet. As for slowing down computer normal work i dunno alot about antiviruses but i believe since Norton has a high database containing viruses and spyware info, maybe since its checking through a big database it takes more processing power. As for your old antivirus/spyware, it might have figured out many viruses, you cant be sure that no viruses were not caught. Just because it has high rating doesn't make it good. Sacrificing speed for security is good. Just turn Norton off when you want to play an offline unaffected game and turn it back on when you are online or when you download a program/game.


Norton is well-known for it's slow speed and it can bog the computer down by quite a bit. When I had Norton AntiVirus 2005, it didn't affect a lot of my normal computing actually.You can try temporarily disabling Norton AntiVirus whenever you need the speed and/or processing power (e.g. video editing, video encoding, gaming, etc). Just make sure it automatically re-enables after x minutes or that you restart your computer.I'm not sure about newer Norton software, but I remember that it scanned through almost everything (didn't have MSN messenger back then). It was quite extensive and it stretched out the installation time of many software applications. Today, most antivirus software are designed with Heurustic scanning, which detects virus-like behaviour instead. This can help reduce database size.My best advice though is to get AVG anti-virus, it is free for personal use and it works wonderful!!


I heard a lot about Norton slowing down computers, because it checks lot of things, I never really used it, but I think you can optimize it to make it work faster.. As I know ESET NOD32 is one of the best anti virus softwares which isn't consuming lots of processing time and doesn't really slow down your pc to much, especially if you tweak the options a little bit to fit your needs! And it secures your computer from most bad stuff..I remember I tried to use AVG free antivirus, but I uninstalled it after some time, because it got on my nerves and a little bit I felt that it got slower, even though I could tweak it.. but I don't really need an antivirus, Clam Win free antivirus is okey for me, even though it doesn't do to much and I also use to check for some spyware and trojans using Spybot S&D and I also tried Super Antispyware, which have fixed some problems on my XP earlier where Spybot S&D couldn't find anything..


The latest version of Norton Internet Security, i.e. 2009, runs quite well on my computer, which is running Windows Vista. According to Symantec, it is the most lightweight and less resource utilising version.With most Norton products, you can choose the time that the antivirus programs decides to scan your computer. Usually, it will run a quick scan on startup, and when your computer is idle and not being used.


Norton 2009My experience with Norton 2009

I've noticed the ccSvcHst.Exe processes occassionally spiking to 96% of the CPU for 20 to 30 minutes in mid afternoon.  It makes my system unusable.

 Norton support simply sends me the same old "remove temp files, etc." advice and seems to ignore the fact that their process takes over the computer.  There is no excuse for a product like Norton to ever completley take over the CPU.  If it takes a while to scan something, have the decency to allow other processes to make progress as well.

I've used Norton for years.  I dropped McAfee back when our company was infected because McAfee missed a virus that Norton caught.

Looks like paying for commercial software only gets you poor service that makes no real attempt to resolve your problem.  Norton makes me ashamed to say I'm involved with the computer software and security business.

-reply by Mike Jordan


Norton Anti-Virus Slows PC PerformanceMy experience with Norton 2009

Norton 2009 just installed 3 days ago.  My computer is virus-free - installed Norton on advice from a friend.  My computer is totally unusable.  Slow?  Norton has taken over my machine COMPLETELY.  What the hell were they thinking when they created this stupid product?  It is a freaking nightmare to install and now this?  No support at all - well, actually it is worse than no support - they have BAD support from people who had me uninstalling dot net framework versions just so I could get this product to install.  Unbelievable.  I have been swindled and I will never buy another Symantec product again.  Does anybody have any software for anti-vius that can be truly recommended? 

-reply by Dave


Norton Internet Security is as bad as a virus!My experience with Norton 2009Norton Internet Security has been a bigger headache and inconvenience than any virus I've experienced. It's idle scan - which doesn't disable - slows my computer to a halt. I can't use any applications when it goes on. I can't turn it off, and can only reboot my computer. The only fix to this problem is not to leave your computer idle by either turning it off, or putting it in sleep mode so that Norton's idle scan does not activate. Frustrating!


Norton Anti-Virus Slows PC PerformanceMy experience with Norton 2009

Yep, I just installed a new copy of Norton and now my internet browsing is so slow I might just remove this cursed program completely. I can't believe how it affects my browsing. My previous version of Norton was trouble free... 

-reply by Adrian


The newest Norton Internet SecurityMy experience with Norton 2009I have used every antivirus,spyware,adware,and firewall security software out there, and I have found that the newest Norton Internet Security software is the best so far. I am on my computer system for about 12-16 hours a day, including weekends. I am also play World of Warcraft and everyone that plays this game knows what it is like to be doing a raid or dungeon hates to be interrupted because your system slows down to much...Take it from me give Norton Internet Security a try...I have a PC system for the people that uses Mac's...I have no clue how Norton Internet Security would work in your system...


Internet Security 2010 is GREATMy experience with Norton 2009

I already used Kaspersky 2010, Avast 5.X, Norton 2005, Norton 2006, Norton 2009, and Norton 2010. When Kaspersky is scanning, your computer slows down ALOT. Avast doesn't do anything. It doesn't scan automatically, and gives me alot of false positives.

Early Norton versions (2005 - 2009) also slow down your PC extremely hard. This issue is COMPLETELY fixed in 2010. I'm a happy customer :)

There is only 1 thing. If 'SONAR' detects suspicious behavior, it just deletes the file, without asking me. That's really annoying, because most of the time it's a game or something (it picks up keystrokes...) I only know, that it's a great antivirus solution, wich DOESN'T slow you PC down.


Norton slows my computer and renders email inoperativeMy experience with Norton 2009

I have Norton Internet Security 2009 and it has made time in front of my computer miserable. I run a business and the problems I have had with slow booting up and downloads in addition to stopping sending and receiving of emails has been horribly frustrating. Changing settings does not help. The email problems come and go and have caused me to lose valuable time. Norton support refuses to acknowledge any problems. Now I am trying to figure out what anti-virus program to use. There is no consensus out there.

-reply by Judy


In response to the My experience with Norton 2009

Absolutely terrible.

It practically locks you out of your own computer. I have but one account and that one account is the sole administrator account. I cant save changes in msconfig, I cant micromanage system processes and I am now locked out to older 'my documents' subfolders. I'm getting, "Must be and administrator or have admin access".

 Flexibility? Optimization? Forget about it. No matter how you tweak it, the core norton processes dominate your task manager, peaking at the high 80-90s cpu usaged irrespective of CPU speed, strength or max RAM capacities, while supposedly 'disabled' for 30 minutes. In the event your web browsing and programs are rendered totally unusuable.. Guess what? Good ol Norton saw it fit to make their product and their processes tamper proof. 

 Forget the days of Ctrl+Alt+Del to close out that old resource hog in task manager, with this product, you forfeit control, micromanagement and distribution of system resources on every level.

 Shall we get on the subject of cpu heavy programs, online games and applications? Take World of Warcraft for example... As a poster stated before, you don't want to be in a situation where you make a full of yourself because you drop to 1fps in a raid.

With this program, you WILL drop to 1fps on a raid pull and make a fool of yourself.. And consequently piss of alot of E-Friends.

 Do you get security? YES, at the price of a completely unusable computer that has 'securely' locked you out of it!

Just look up the statistics for the Norton Antivirus I/O File delay. It is recording breaking.




Replying to iGuestReplying to iGuestSince this product is "free" from our ISP, I finally relented and decided to install it when the subscription ran out on the Trend Micro product I've been running for years. The PC runs OK, but the problems arise when I try to shut it down. I've done the normal shut down and walked away from the computer before going to bed at night. In the morning, it's still trying to shut down - it's done this numerous times. My only option is to power it off the old fashioned way - hold the power button. Once it's off, I power it back on - after POST, it takes 10-20 minutes to get to the logon screen. Between POST and logon screen, the screen is just black with no indication that anything is going on.I guess it's back to paying for Trend Micro.-reply by PaulKeywords: norton internet security reboot slowness


Norton slowdown or Library WiFi??My experience with Norton 2009I have an ASUS laptop with Norton 09 installed. This is my first computer ever,it came installed.I use wifi at the library,don't have access at home yet. In some libraries I'm connected to any numberOf computers,40 or 20 or less,this must slow me down?. How do I find out if it is the Norton as statedIn the posts here or the Lib WiFi?. A cousin changed from Norton to AVG said it was faster but he hasAn in wall connection at home.


Norton, sick of itMy experience with Norton 2009

 There was a young man from Carlshorton who owned a slow computer checked by Norton

His frustration it grew, till out of the window it flew

And crashed when picked up by a short skirted woman with not a loton.

Rather than rant, I shall see out the current subscription and review the situation then, however, joking aside, there is little pleasure in using a dead slow laptop.


Norton Internet Security 2012My experience with Norton 2009

NIS 2012 is the worst I have ever used. It slowed my PC to such an extent that it took 3 minutes to boot and 4 minutes to shut down. Programs were horrific to use.I uninstalled and loaded AVG Internet Security 2012 and I'm in heaven. Absolutly no adverse effect on speed is now noticed. THANKS FOR AVG

-reply by Neville