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Does Science Answer All Our Questions?

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Well, Sten's answer I agree with. When answering question and getting answer from other, make sure you know all of the facts. Are they religous? Do the keep up with technology? Do they really understand what the question's asking?

Just my oppinion.

grim reaper1666

science may be able to one day answer all of our questions but this topic does not say if they are the right answer. in that case you could ask a computer what is the sun made of, the computer tells you cookies but you know that is not right. in my opinion we could use science to answer our questions but then we need to check the answers to see if they are right. instead of saying cars are blue, that would be a right answer but you can have your car any colour you want so any colour is the right answer. what i mean in the previous sentence is that for some questions there are multiple answers.


you can have your car any colour you want so any colour is the right answer.

The correct answer is "Today my car is blue". If I have $100 available, tomorrow it will be pink. So, the answer would not be "any color", the answer would be "any colour I could happen to have to money to have it painted and the time for waiting until the paint is wet".


not all questions but some i assume... science has some limititations till date. Science just believes in facts and proof but science fails in medical (the best example as i can think now) in medical field i dont think that science has much comand on a human considering todays scene. maybe in near future if we are alive science will surpass everything includin God. maybe we dont know but science do aswer some questions.. we believe anything and everything said by our elders but we do forget to find out as how and why are we saying this or that but in science you can say coz you have the proof. so i say science so asnwer some questions but not all