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Time Warping Or Not? Does time warp in strong gravity fields or when your moving close to l

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well as a believer of our Lord God above I dont personally believe that time warping is probableor should i say possible. but just to let you know if you really are into this kind of stuffs i wouldrecommend you to read the book of stephen hawkings i forgot the title but it is one of his famous books i am sure it will come out if you google stephen hawkings. he stated in his book how timewarping can be possible. he said that time is the fourth dimension of our existence then he explainedmore its up to you if you will read it or not (",)




AlrightI was reading through this topic last night, and that lead me into going around and doing some research about the Speed of Light, reference to the speed of light, experiments regarding the sped of light... And a tiny bit of time travel.I really didn't find anything that was all that new or constructive to add, I just like reading about this stuff when I get bored.Anyway, one of the earlier posts mentioned an experiment that sent light into a transparent chamber filled with caesium gas, and that the result was the light travelling at 300 times the normal speed of light. That was one of the most fascinating things I'd read, just trying to properly fathom that.Anyway, on the actual subject of time travel. There seemed to be some strange misconceptions about what the thread was really asking early on. It was, as far as I know, not referencing travelling through time, with time being a tangeable dimension to measure. Any measurements of time are, of course, man made. In my mind, time exists, but it's all from the frame of reference of every person.And it has been tested, syncronizing clocks and having one remain stationary while the other is travelling at high speeds, though minimal, there was a difference of a couple miliseconds where the travelling clock was behind the stationary.That does say that travelling at fast speeds will cause time for one specific reference point (A person, clock, animal, test subject, etc) to pass by at a slower speed.I do not believe at any point, the author of this thread meant Science-Fiction-Esque time travel where a switch is flicked and you've gone several thousand years into the past. There were no imlications of skipping through time made, only that the passage of time could/could not be slowed down based on Gravity or Velocity.Anyway, I kinda wrote all that off the top of my head, I hope it's constructed well enough to at least follow properly.


Just my OpinionTime Warping Or Not?

 in my own opinion, ONLY, hehehe, Light travels Straight, is it possible that, Light can be Pull? by a Gas or Super Baccuum? How come even light cant escape? Is there something mystical? Something can trully warp One Thing to the past or to the future? Light is something untouchable.. So, is it really possible? Gravitational Pull of Black hole can change the Direction of a Light?

-reply by Jush

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