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20 Years From Now... Where do you see humanity?

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20 years from now, erm I think that we'll almost be living on the moon or mars. George Bush gave the signal a couple of months ago to start a project so that we could live on mars.. If all goes well that should be in 2035. It costing so much money I guess some other president will pull the plug out of it. So no not on Mars, not on the Moon just on Earth driving my car that runs on hydrogen. I guess that's the only major change in te coming 20 years.

Logan Deathbringer

My 20 year prediction:

Religious persecution and warfare will have engulfed the middle east.

A "Benelovant" country will try to keep the tyrants running said war in check, while they only really want to ensure the flow of oil out of the warring countries.

Big Corporations will have even more power then they do now and pretty much do as they will, more so then they do now, with little to no regard for laws and the ecosystem.

There will be even more of a gap between "those that have" and "those that have not" leading to mass rioting and the need for possibly a "police state" to run most of the "law enforcement"

Finally, you will see the internet/would wide web becoming a "wet ware" type enviroment where people "jack-in" and no longer have to have a "hard terminal" to surf and interact with it, it will be a mental control with little hard typing.

Ok some of that might happen, some will probably happen, and some well might just be a pipe dream; but those are my predictions and I think they might be accurate.


20 years from now, the world is gonna probably be over heating on summer days, and freezing on winter days. The world will be out of balance and we're just waiting to die :o The poles will be melting because of the Green House Effect, and Martians will live there from there on forth. As for technology, the only advancements will be computers, that help in fighting wars :/ War will be alive again and whoever is ruling will be an evil dictator who wishes to be President of the Earth.


Yes, I agree... 20 years from now we will be dealing with the impact of global warming. I don't think it will be particularly apocalyptic but our lives will be directly affected. I think 20 years from now we will have either fully converted to a hybrid technology to fuel our cars, or we will have found more efficient ways to utilize existing renewable (and low pollutant) fuels. I think that 20 years from now, computing will only have linearly increased in improvement. We are already facing the physical limitations of the technologies we have in terms of speed. For example, wireless is where everything will head towards but because of line-of-sight and radio frequency limitations, we will be limited on how much faster we can transfer information. Unless, of course, we can find some quantum leap in technology...


Remember the old joke.Optimistic people think that within next 20 years, poor people will eat stones.And pessimic people think that there will not be enough stones for everybody.


Hey, I share the same point of view... Did you know that exactly 20 years ago was the Chernobyl tragedy? Guess this was just the first... I mean 20 years from now we will have a problem to solve: were we are goung to put that enormous mess of radioactive junk?? Just think about this....


were we are goung to put that enormous mess of radioactive junk??

Somebody will probably find a country which will be in charge of receiving that. Shall this country agree with that or not is another story.


Hopefully, we would've colonized Mars so that our ever-growing population could split up and live on two planets (maybe a summer home and winter home for the wealthier folk???).
Maybe we'll find signs of life on Mars, and we'll befriend the little green men living there... okay, I'm only being half-serious. Nonetheless, if there are other living beings in the universe, I hope we don't kill them off to take their resources, that we align with them for a greater good for all. If they have more advanced technology, the only way we could improve ourselves would be to learn from them and not steal from them.

Even if every nation in the world put half of their GNP toward launching space craft, we could not get enough people off-planet to keep up with the birth rate--- and that isn't even considering the cost to get them to Mars.

Colonization is a great way to make sure we do not have all of our eggs in one basket. An initially small colony can grow to a reasonable size quickly, but it will not appreciably lower our population here or even slow its growth. Whatever we do to counter our population growth has to happen here.


20 years from now....---WHIRL INTO DREAM (Like on TV)--- - Man will have colonies on the moon and the first Martian landing would've taken place. - Mobile phones will work anywhere in the world. - Broadband internet is available everywhere and 100 times faster. - Computers, Mobile phones, Game consoles will be smaller, faster and overall more powerful. - Cars will not be petrol fuelled and will go faster on magnetic strips in roads to prevent accidents. - The world's population will have increased to 8 billion people. - World War III has ended and several countries lay in a radioactive waste. - Laptop computers will be renamed to 'Palmtop' and sit comfortably in your hand. - Movies will be longer and of a lesser quality. - Classic TV Shows like The Simpsons will be repeats on Fox and no new episodes (However much it pains me to say) - Anologue will be gone and a digital world will replace it. Basically if it doesn't have a screen it isn't worth having. - You will be able to watch TV on your MP7 (Yes 7!) Players and built in speakers make ear/head phones optional. - You will press a button to unlock doors and keys will be "So last decade!" - Modern will be so cool and what we think as modern now will be 'old' and 'stale'. - I will be 34!!---WHIRL BACK INTO REAL LIFE---Now that we have had a loook at the future, let's shiver and return to now.


Im thinking sooner or later an asteroid will probably eventually hit us and end our lives just like it did the dinosaurs. I heard a while ago that a asteroid almost hit us and we didnt even know about it. But if and asteroid dont kill us then the solar system probably will. Our sun is dying right now, and we will eventually be sucked in a black hole. But that wont happen for another millions or billions of years though from what I learned in schooll. But that leads me into another theory, with all our advances in technology we will probably eventually find a way to transport to other galaxies and such. But one of the most likely things to happen would probably be a war.


Perhaps, 20 years from now we will still be discussing the neo-Dark ages that G.W. Bush has pushed us into. We will be still be dealing with terrorism. We will still be dealing with partisan politics and their peddling of how we could solve the more imminent need for removing ourselves from our petrochemical addiction. While there may be technologies that are closer to fruition regarding newer energy sources, it will be held in purgatory hell due to our brilliant government's inaction because they are too busy lining their pockets with special interest groups' "persuasions." Do we really think that Jack Abramoff is a unique entity in the political landscape???


I think it's very possible that the crime rate will go down, simply because of the fact that crime solving technology will undoubtedly increase drastically.


two thingseither there is a war between religions (ahh now i guess it will be 1 vs 4.... you all know which one)or we will have advanced to nano technological miracles and would be buying stuff at dirt cheap prices.I suppose the first case will definitely happen and if we survive that we might think of accompolishing the second case.


1 vs 4

1 vs 4 is the simplest guessed way. As usual in human behaviour, and as it has been previously seen in huaman history, things will probably will be complicated by the 12 combinations of 1 vs (1 of the 4), which mathematically is (4*3*2)/2.Regards


I doubt anything will drastically change in 20 years. Except maybe free high-speed internet, $20 computers, and FREE RAM. We're still far from having hover aircrafts and robot soldiers....maybe a few hundred years.


Oh god who knows where we will be in twenty years time. Twenty years ago people would have never ever, in their wildest dreams guessed that people could sit down on a home desktop computer or laptop and connect to the internet along with millions of other people from across the world and chat and interact at such a speed that it's almost as if they are there in real life.Maybe in twenty years the world will be run by giant purple machines called "Rachez" that go around singing songs to annoy all the humans and then take there money for no reason whatsoever.Hey, it's just a guess okay!


I think in 20 years from now thing will be much different. I hope that they find curse for most of the sickness in the world and that all nations live in peace together. I think we will be fly from Earth to the other planets and have space cratfs that will explore the univeres. that with i think will happen.


Oh god who knows where we will be in twenty years time.

and let's hope all of us will be alive and healthy!


+ Optimistically - PessimisticallyPolitics: The political landscape probably won't change too much. + N. & S. Korea patch things up. - India and Pakistan don't. + E. and Central Africa figure out how to live peacefully - The US invades, er sorry, 'lends military advice' to VenezuelaScience: - Global weather patterns get worse, + Western nations are steadily getting away from oil and + share it with the developing world, - People land on Mars, scoop up some dirt, and come homeAnd of course, the Rolling Stones go on their "Wheezing Geezer" tour. ;-)