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Neutron Bomb

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I have a question. If the neutron bomb emits radiation, then why make a bomb that leaves buildings standing?If it emits so much radiation, wouldn't it contaminate the environment around it? Like Bikini Atoll and the U.S. bomb tests. People still are unable to live there because of radiation left from the bombs. Would it do the same to where ever the bomb is dropped?Not trying to be cruel or anything, but in all seriousness, if there is a WWIII then there would be no reason to leave anything standing, nobody would be left to see it.


I might have gotten some bad info on the neutron bomb but it is my understanding that it was intended to be used to basically wipe out the population of a small area and the radioactive effects were reduced to a minimal amount after a week or so and then all buildings etc were left intact, basically what the nuetron bomb is supposed to do is to vaporize any matter that contains water (the human body is 75% water) so it would just vaporize the target, this includes plants and animals and after the radiation levels are low enough the troope then occupy the target and sieze all weapons etc of the former (now disappeared bodies that turned into a steam cloud). It seems that as a tactical weapon it would or could have been used when all the 'insurgents' or terrorists were occupying mosques just set the neutron off and the problem is over, the only problems is that if there were any non terrorists there they would be turned into steam clouds also, but if given fair warning like "OK guys here is the deal anyone not fighting against the US or it's allies leave the area immediately or you will be vaporized, and if you are fighting against them you should surrender immediately and walk backwards with you hands in clear view and up in the air other wise you are considered a combatant and will be shot. The mosques or nothing would have ever been touched and if the terrorists had decided to not surrender then they would have just been turned into a big vapor cloud.


You can get the same effect of a neutron bomb by an areal explosion of a nuclear bomb. It would not have the nuclear mushroom cloud but it would cause mass causality's due the obvious.. The buildings would still be standing but the detonation would also act like a EMP.


A bit off topic..sorry(yeah I know this is posted LATE..but just found these comments on the net...better late than never. You know guys...America is made up of people from EVERY country in this world..YES! YOUR COUNTRY TOO!!! Don't you get it...That's why we are where we are in this world, and do what we do.-americanmade


rediculous : Neutron Bomb

Neutron Bomb


The only reason the united states and other countries develop weapons like this is for protection because anyone with half a brain can tell that peace is an impossible thing. True peace will never be had because of the corruptness of humans. One person/country will always feel jealousy towards other people or countries. Only two solutions are out there for world peace one is mass extinction and the other is a brainwashing of everyone human leaving as no more than zombies as we all know neither of these things are likely to happen any time soon if ever.


-reply by gamma


it existed since 1981 so flash news :) for more info check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutron_bomb


Effects Overrated - effects of neutron bombNeutron Bomb

Replying to JYM

If you read up on Neutron bombs, you will find that their supposed doomsday effects are wildly exaggerated. Essentially, they were designed to destroy and Soviet tanks invading Europe, without destroying Europe in the process. The idea is that neutrons can pass thru the shielding of a tank better than a regular nuclear blast. They were never, ever, envisioned or desigend to destroy the people living in an enemy city and leave the building intact. Why leave Russian (for example) buildings intact??

-reply by John B


Amerika- the name of HitlerNeutron Bomb

to americanmade:

Your little silly note about america doing what it does because it is made up of people from all countries of the world is ignorant of the fact that the members of the country don't 'do' what the country 'does' - the government does.

The masses of people from different places in the world all living in America are trying to get along and make ends meet- trying to survive mostly; while the elitist government takes advantage of that to do what they please. 

If you want to take credit for what our corrupt government is doing, feel free- it just makes you look even more stupid

-reply by delapaix

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