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I Love Ipod IPOD

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oh god how i love ipods, i have the black and red u2 one, 20 gb19gb of music on it so far :) im hoping to fill it soon.


yeah...ipod is gread.loL,i have a mini one,which sounds rather good.the most advantage is its storage as a mini mobile harddisk.i like it very much. apple fan...

Randle Densmore Jr.

The sony PSP is able to put music on the memory stick and play it. I would rather have that than an mp3 player because it acts like one and you can use it to play games. When it first came out I didnt have moeny to buy it but I stayed at Best Buy for like 2 hours messing with it. That thing is so cool. I jsut cant wait to get it.


Yeh i have to say that i love my ipod. I have a 20gb 4th Generation White ipod.Tis Excellent, and i now have 10gb on it. The only problem is, you have all this space, but your never gonna listen to half the songs on it lol

Da Real King

I-Pod is like the best program were you can listen to music any time you wont and any were you wont! That is so good I Think i should Get I-Pod The Better one cuz i got I-Pod That is mini I-Pod but if i get the Higher version one i could put more music cuz it has a lot of space! :):DB):):(B);)B) I Love I-Pod


Aww... I want an Ipod... or an mp3 player... Ipods are expensive, and I don't trust those free Ipods things online


I would love to get an iPod, but for one, they are pretty expensive, most likley worth it if you listen to music all of the time. I am pretty music-stupid, I don't know where I would be able to find 40GB worth of music, I could maybe find like 10 songs off of CDs or something. Maybe one day...


well, ipods are sweet! they do way more than people actually know. well, the ipod Video anyways. Idk about the nano but nanos are amazing also! they made those things incredibly small, if you put that in ur pocket you probably would forget that its even there. battery life is sweet on them too! I got a Ipod Video 30gb white6 gb of music.10 gb of moves.1 gb of pictures.and its still going strong!


iPods are okay. I think that a large part of their appeal is the brand recognition, though. It's sort of like paying too much for Starbucks coffee because it's Starbucks. (Believe me: I've had better coffee at Dunkin' Donuts than I've gotten at Starbucks. So it's not necessarily about one brand being higher quality than the cheaper stuff.)I actually like my Zune just fine. And before I upgraded, I had a small iRiver that was pretty sweet (and very affordable compared to the iPod).


I know what you mean it's great having a ipod only because i can listen to it on long drives in my car. The absolute best thing is that they are not like cds only because they NEVER scratch!!! i think that's the best part. now i'm investing into getting a bigger gig ipod because i only have the 1st generation nano and there is so many songs i have that they can't fit into the ipod. My nano is just best for running because they are not that heavy as others.


WOW: has anyone seen all the new iPods, they are amazing, especially the iPod touch!

Classic: same as the 5.5gen, except upto 160GB, slightly thinner, and not available in white
Nano: shorter, and even thinner (6.5mm ~0.25 inches) but with higher res. screen, which allows movies
And the touch: looks amazing, and is basically an iPhone with wifi, but no calls...

(and new colors for the shuffle)

And the iPod touch video just makes it look amazing: the only pity is the small size of the hard drive: but it is flash memory as opposed to hard drive, so at least it won't jump, and can use it for jogging etc.

I think apple though are a little worried that it might cause a lack of popularity for the iPhone considering the price cut they gave it though...


Well I've been speculating on what Ipod I should buy, probably was going to stick with the Ipod classic but then chose the Iphone instead. Though some of my friends seem to think the IPhone is a waste of money... >.>


heres my view.the ipod classic is the one im getting because my 30GB video ipod broke. 2 weeks after the warranty was up.i wanted the ipod touch but the small capacity is not for me cuz i have 50gb of music alone. so the nano or shuffle wouldnt work either.i want the iphone too, but, even after the price drop, its not a top priority, i might just get a blackjack.so im buying that 160gb ipod classic. and it looks so cool. and i get 10% off cuz of this recycling ipod thing.kinda excited to get it.


I love apple products certainly ipod


i hear is comming iphone nano for december

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