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What Is The Best Digital Camera

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I think the best for the money is a nikon d70, it is one of the cheapest SLRs, but is excellent quality, very fast with ful manual control features. Only downside is that it has only 6mps.My second choice is the Panasonic DMC-FZ20, this has got a great lens for a compact camera.chris


I think Canon's EOS cameras are pretty good. I'm using 10D right now.

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Good cameras come with a beautiful price tag...I would highly recommend the Camedia C-370ZOOM and Premeier DC2302.For the DC2302, just bring lots of spare rechargerable batteries and a recharger.


Nikon, of course!I have Nikon's lower-end Digital Camera with 2.1 Mega Pixel!It has 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. What more- it can shoot video clips too - though without sound. But thats OK.Rest all Higher-end Nikon cameras have sound too.So, dont invest your money in anything else.


It all depends on what you want to pay and how "pro" you are... There are so many types and so many price classes. I guess there is one golden rule: don't get fixed on the "megapixel", there is many more to it... ;)


I think the best kind would be professional, because it's not that hard to use, and can do lots of things.


I am using Panasonic DMC-FZ20 , it is pretty good .However , Nikon D70 is a D-SLR camera , it is not equal to Panasonic DMC-FZ20 .If your budget tell you suitable to buy Nikon D70 . I think you do not buy Panasonic DMC-FZ20 . The quailty of Nikon D70 is much better then Panasonic DMC-FZ20 .


i bought me a hp 850 about 2 years ago. it was a great camera at that time. i wanted an impressive zoom, and the hp 850 has an 8x optical zoom and was affordable. 4mpx and stuff. but the borders get a bout "rounded", straigh lines become curved at the edges. besides that, it's a good cam for amateurs. the batteries last really long! screen is good. another bad thing is that you can't save pictures in tiff. only jpeg and their compression lacks precision when taking pictures of thin lines.if i had the money, i'd go for a canon eos or a nikon.whatever you do, go for a traditional photography brand: canon, olympus, nikon,...the most crucial part of your cam is the lens and those brands have heaps of experience there


Nikon, of course!

I have Nikon's lower-end Digital Camera with 2.1 Mega Pixel!

It has 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. What more- it can shoot video clips too - though without sound. But thats OK.

Rest all Higher-end Nikon cameras have sound too.

So, dont invest your money in anything else.


where did u get it from n and what price?(me in bangalore.. but visit ur place mumbai frequently)


NIKON Coolpix 750... i dropped it on the floor and a bike ran on it... i dropped it into the water and it still works... =.=


I think the Best Digital Camera is the Sony 8 MP Camera!You know, the 1000 dollar one!Ummmmm, but I don't think anyone wants to really spend 1000 dollars on a digital camera >__>!so I think that the BEST Digital camera in a decent price range is a nice Hp Digital Camera that is 5 MP! My dad uses them at my school for the Yearbook, along with the *oooooo* 8 MP SOny camera, and it is awesome, AND THE SCHOOL PAID FOR IT!THats my 2 cents


I got my EZonics Mega Cam plus for $90. It's has only up to 1 Megapixel of pic quality but it works fine. Has an intelliflash feature and only has a 2.5x zoom. It does look like a toy and not a camera but it can still capture good quality images that's why I like it. I'm not gonna exchange it for SLR type cameras(or the more expensive ones), i'd rather buy a new DV Cam, so to say, i'm happy and contented with it. :P


Hmm. I used to work at a Photo Developing Shop (Kodak Express) and I developed a lot of photos taken on many different digital cameras. I would say that the really high-end DSLRs are all good, you can pick and choose which one you think is the best based on features alone. But for the prosumer or consumer digital cameras, I'd like to share some of my observations.Note: This was sometime ago, say 6 months ago, so the newer cameras from these brands might have changed the system. What I'm saying is, if you want to buy a consumer or prosumer camera, test it out first and see whether this still holds true.Olympus myu series cameras tend to take pictures that have an orange or yellow tinge, which is very obvious when the picture is taken indoors with flash. On the whole people haven't complained much about Olympus cameras other than that, just that the xD media is really expensive as compared to other types of media cards.Sony cameras are also slightly on the yellow side, but usually it's the lens that lets the picture down. You might notice that sometimes the pictures are a little soft. Especially if you compare them to something taken by a Nikon camera, for example. And the memory stick is also an expensive media.Canon cameras are so-so. CompactFlash cards and SD cards mean the media is really affordable, and on the whole, there are no prevalent colour problems with Canon cameras.Nikon and Pentax are good brands, based on their colour intepretation and the sharpness of their photos. Panasonic Lumixs are also not too bad, haven't heard really bad comments about them as yet. If shopping for a prosumer or consumer camera, usually I would recommend to my customers these three brands, Nikon being my first choice. This was based wholly on day-in day-out manipulation and colour-correcting of digital photos, and because at that point I also wanted to get a small digital camera, but I'm really finicky about colour intepretation and skin tones.Of course, these colour casts usually are only apparent when you take pictures indoors. Everyone performs relatively well outdoors. (Which is why you can see my face drain when I realise all the photos are indoors....>_<)Hope this helps. As mentioned, Pro cameras are usually worth their salt and don't suffer from any of these problems. *grin* As for me, I don't own a digital camera! *haha* I went and bought me a Nikon FM2, fully manual camera, doesn't even need batteries to run, solid piece of machinery! *ignore me, I'm strangely stubborn this way*


Hi all,Do you know the new digital camera Canon 350D ?It is a very cool DSLR , 8mp COMSI think Nikon D70 is good , but now I think I will perfer Canon 350D .


which is the best among Hp And Kodak digicam in 4 to 5 megapix range


The best camera I found was AIPTEX 4000 Digital Megapixel, and they only cost $130. If you want to buy a good, kinda cheap one, then buy this one.


I am useing two:1.) Olympus C-2100 w/Quick Time Always has gotton the job done2.) Nikon D-70 Not a bad choice at $1200 I almost am scared to use it. Still learning the in and outs of it also. (one bad a$$ camera )


Chiiyo - You're aware that most colorcasts on digital cameras are just caused by incorrect whitebalance settings? Ususally because of the photographer, and not by the camera?Anyway, the best digital camera out there is the Hassleblad H1D, bar none. 22 MP of power baby! I've seen the Mamiya equivalent, and I'm sure that's a nice camera too (even though it looks like a beast). On the more "domestic" side, the Canon 1Ds MKII is a fine camera, if you can afford it.On the more reasonable side, I'd choose the 20D any day. I own the 10D, and love the thing. In most cases, 6MP is fine. The only reason I'd choose the 20D over the 10D is because of the wider dynamic range and the improved Digic II processor. Otherwise, 2MP isn't that big of a deal. Oh, 20D has better AF as well (shucks).I was once a Nikon supporter, but after they released the D70s and D50, all I can say is they have it all wrong. I cannot support Nikon any longer, and strongly encourage people to think again when purchasing their equipment. At least the DSLRs (the F6 is still king of the hill for me).For a less expensive alternative, I'd choose a Pentax or something similar. Heck, most smaller digicams are about the same, so just choose a name brand. With DSLRs it's different, as you're not buying just the camera, but you're buying into the system. Nikon makes fine lenses, but so does Canon. In the end, I like Canon's USM, so I went with Canon.

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Anybody have a spair 1000$ they can donate to the "DSLR Wanted but no money" fund?Well truely for the money, if you are looking to buy a digital camera that works I would go with Pentax. Also you might also want to have a look at the Sony cameras with the Carl Zeiss lenses. They have superb quality too but you have to have a really steady hand when taking pictures with even little zoom or else you will get a slightly blurry image. I noticed that with my Sony P92 the color yellow turns a little ligh greenish in low light even with flash.


Soleq: Yes, I know that the colour casts are an effect of the white balance, I think I didn't get the point across, that I felt the Nikon and Pentax auto white balance are much better than those in Sony and Olympus (this was some time ago, it might have changed since then), considering that even if normal people use it, Nikon and Pentax consistently produce pictures without much colour casts, and Sony and Olympus consistently produce pictures with. I know you can override the white balance, when I use other people's cameras I do so often, but it still doesn't change the fact that at that time, Olympus and Sony did not have a good auto white balance, when apparently it could be done, seeing how Nikon and Pentax fared. Which is why, for beginners and lower-end consumers, I would still direct them to brands I knew had a consistently good auto white balance, because not a lot of people would think of adjusting white balance themselves.Yet another disclaimer, this was last year, brands, machines and auto white balances must have changed quite a bit by now, but still something to watch out for...DSLRs wise... I've heard rave reviews about Fuji S3Pro. It's good that it takes Nikon lenses... *wink* Of course, all the medium formats digitals are gorgeous. Gorgeously good, and gorgeously out of almost everyone's budget... >_<