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4 Backgrounds They are nice so I want to share~^^

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Can I share these pictures here?

I really want to share these nice backgrounds~


Do you like these backgrounds?


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Code to fix background: (I think everyone knows this~~haha~)

<STYLE type="text/css">










The first one is beutiful i love it very nice 3d rendering awesome post (the first one is going as my background hehe)


Thanks buddy,for posting such a beautiful background. But what colour of text do you recommend. None except white (maybe) suits the requirement.But anyway, the backgroung is gr8. Thabks again.Bye,BigyanPS : did you do it yourself ?? If so how ??


looks nice. Can't see the second nor the last one...so I'llk just comment about the first. I like the colorings a bunch...and it's very soothing to look at. And...you made this? How'd you do it? It looks like it was brushed, but i can't tell for sure =Pit's a nice background ^_^


I could only see the second one.. Lovely background in tune with the cosmos setting. Keep up the good work (assuming you made them) :P I hope you will share more background pictures :P


I only see one and is beautiful, I love the colors :P


i only see the first one but i like the background


this is weird. Why is everyone seeing different pictures? I personally can see the second one...that's the one which looks like a purplish night sky.


thts the only PIC i can see.... the rest i cant....


i can only see the second picture and thats so beautiful.


Just F.Y.I. for people who are using the backgrounds above or any background at all in any website. If the background is busy or it is a photograph, then I would reccomend all of the text to be in a filled table with some transparency (if you can managee it). Also, use contrast. That means if the background is mainly dark, then use light-colored text. But if it's the opposite, then use dark text against light background.