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Do You Know Microsoft Sharepoint?

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I search some introduction from Wikipedia. It gives too many information and I feel lost. I want simple presentations.Something help? :angel:


Hi!Microsoft Sharepoint Server is a powerful and extensible document management system. Sharepoint has a very tight integration with the Microsoft Office suite and support for workflows. You can use Sharepoint to setup a Wiki based on Microsoft technologies and can build portals that can search through documents, including those that are not stored within Sharepoint. If you are an ASP.NET Web Part developer, you can carry over those skills to Sharepoint and extend Sharepoint further. You can also find several websites that are based upon Sharepoint and use it as a content management system.


Thanks K_nitin_r. I have never used Microsoft Sharepoint before and just konw about its use. I think you have provided what I need.


Hi StvenWesley!To get started with using Sharepoint, you would have to setup a server edition of Windows - either Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows 2008, or Windows 2008 Release 2. You can obtain an limited time period evaluation version of any of these three operating systems from the Microsoft downloads website. You can have either of them setup within a virtual machine, as many other Sharepoint developers do. You have a choice between Microsoft's own Virtual PC, VMWare Virtual Machine, and Sun's (and, now, Oracle's) Virtual Box. Virtual PC was formerly a part of Connectix and Microsoft acquired the organization as a part of it's strategic expansions into virtualization technologies. VMWare is one of the oldest corporations dealing with virtualization products. Virtual Box is an open source software project. Both VMWare and Virtual Box have free-of-cost offerings. If you are planning to run Sharepoint Server 2010, you would require a 64-bit virtual machine. Both Microsoft Virtual PC and VMWare Virtual Machine can provide a 64-bit virtual machine if you are running a 64-bit version of the Microsoft Windows or Linux operating system. However, Virtual Box can provide you with a 64-bit virtual machine irrespective of what you are running on your host machine and is, currently, the only want to get a 64-bit development environment if you are running a 32-bit edition of Windows or Linux.All editions of Microsoft Sharepoint require a database server to run, and can be installed on SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008. If you are installing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 on Windows 2008 or Windows 2008 Release 2, you would get a compatibility warning. You can safely ignore the warning and proceed, though you would have to install the service pack available for SQL Server 2008. The warning is displayed also if you choose to install the freely available SQL Server 2008 Express edition, and you can use the same service pack on the Express edition. If you are installing the Express edition, you might also want to download the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SMSE), which is the graphical user interface used for administration of the database server. The express edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express administration utility are both available for free from the Microsoft downloads website.Microsoft Sharepoint includes both a free component and a commercially licensed component. The free component is referred to as Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) and is available with Windows 2003 server. However, Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 is available as a separate download for Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 Release 2 servers. The Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 has been re-branded to Microsoft Sharepoint Services Foundation for the 2010 release, although it is also sometimes referred to as Windows Sharepoint Services 4.0. A beta of Sharepoint Services Foundation 2010 is currently available on the Microsoft website. The Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services 2007 (MOSS 2007) is a commercial add-on component and provides many advanced features and functionalities over Windows Sharepoint Services. Windows Sharepoint Services provides users with basic document sharing, Wiki, blog, and issue tracking capability, in addition to the other free templates included. Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services has been re-branded to Sharepoint Services 2010 (SPS 2010) for the 2010 release.Pages in Sharepoint can be customized by applying cascading style sheets to the layout as themes. However, the actual markup cannot be changed for the Windows Sharepoint Services or the Sharepoint Services Foundation server. You can, however specify a different markup for the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services and for the Sharepoint Services commercial products. Sharepoint pages are composed of layouts, which specify the number of columns that are displayed on a web page, and web parts that fit into those layouts. Several web parts are already included in the default installation and developers can create additional web parts to provide customization and additional functionality. Microsoft also provides the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer that can be used for designing the user interface as well as for creating the workflows for documents and other items within the system. Although Windows Sharepoint Services and Sharepoint Services Foundation provides basic workflow capabilities, complete support for workflows is only available in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server and Sharepoint Services.An interesting concept illustrated by Sharepoint is the storage of ASPX pages within the SQL Server database and the use of the virtual path provider to access the pages from the database instead of from the file system. As Sharepoint is an ASP.NET based technology, you can browse through the ASPX files containing the layouts and other ASP.NET files located on the file system.Sharepoint provides a document sharing system that is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office suite.


I was looking for information about it as well as we asked me this week to implement it in the small website of the association I'm part of.And now I'm certain I can't :angel:


Hey that sounds good I didnt?t know anything about this new technology of microsoft but it?s good to know now. I didn?t know that we can have in a windows server a wiki service searching documents in all the internet and then offer this to our visitors and this maybe some of us can make the competition to the wikipedia because now I have to say that wikipedia have to be in the number one of google for a lot of time and that maybe it?s not fair because the internet is open to all of us and microsoft scrash all closing the encarta. I imagine that this software can?t be used here in xisto.com with a dedicated web server or yes? Have a server maybe it?s very expensive althougth you have all the fredom to make with it that you want and dont be posting here all the months and dont have to earn mycents, jajajaja. I have been kidding ok. So if you want to have a dedicated server of yours in your house maybe you will have to be ready with the money to pay the expensive that this can be to all who have a own server. Windows sharepoint? I can imagine a technology like that well wikipedia will have a lot of competition with this new invention of Microsoft. Gates can be alone to anyone eh? I like that guy because he understand that the competition is unique that make the like have more sense that the simple survive instict that the more of people have. Maybe with this software and in some years or months depends of all my projects maybe I will have my own server and can use this software to create my own wiki site.