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  1. I'll have a look a this softThank you
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a good backup tool. I'd like something doing incremental backup (not a full one each time, just what has changed). I tried Back In Time but it simply didn't work (it didn't detect my modifications...) I tried rsync from command line but I had problems with the links to another partition (I want to keep them but not follow them) and to keep the permission (if I want to backup the system, I need to be root but the files of my user become root also). It was several month ago I tested it (I wasn't on archlinux at that time) so it may have change. What do you use ? Thank you
  3. ok, it's right I don't really need ajax... I didn't know for the html rule a link like : <a href="proceed_files.php?action=getfile&id=5">download</a>" and the same php file seems to works I stay on the same page so no problems
  4. Hi ! On my website I'ld like to add a link to download a file. The problem is that : - the file is saved with an id and not the full name (stored in a database). I want to change it before sending it (don't know yet how to do that). - I've to check that the user has the right permissions to access this file. function getFile(id) { var xhr_download = getXMLHttpRequest(); xhr_download.onreadystatechange = function() { if (xhr_download.readyState == 4 && (xhr_download.status == 200 || xhr_download.status == 0)) { alert(xhr_download.responseText); $('#loader').hide(); } else if (xhr_download.readyState < 4) { $('#loader').show(); } }; xhr_download.open("GET", "proceed_files.php?action=getfile&id="+id, true); xhr_download.send(null);} <?php// ... try { header("Content-disposition:filename='".$path."'"); header("Content-type:application/octetstream"); echo file_exists($path); } catch (Exception $e) { echo $e->getMessage(); }?>return me "1" but nothing happens if I put this piece of code in a php file and call it directly it works So I guess the problem is with the ajax request Thank you
  5. I saw a nice trick on lifehacker : shift your fingers one key to the right with my azerty keyboard, "pretty good password" becomes "^tryyu hppf ^zssxptf" the main disadvantage of this method is if you are travelling and have a different keyboard...
  6. thank you for your answers.I knew UbuntuOne but the problem is that it works only with ubuntu (I'm using archlinux most of the time and plan to try other systems). Dropbox do basically the same.I don't know the remote desktop concept but I'll have a look
  7. yes that's a good idea, I should do it to have the required apps in case.but what I was thinking is more in the case I'm at a friend's house (I've brought nothing with me) and I want to listen the song of the artist I've just discovered, get the email address of somebody, find out what I'm doing next week, show the cool website I found but I can't remember the url,...how can I do all of that easiest way ?also I've several operating system on my laptop, I use another computer sometimes and I may buy a smartphone soon. I want to have as less as possible duplicated information.
  8. Hi !I'm trying more and more to be able to access my data everywhere at any time easily and synchronization in real time if I modify.All this web 2.0 stuff and cloud computing are really what I need I think.I know already some and wanted to know what you are using.I'd like something : cross-plateform (I'm a linux user), free (as free beer) and free (as free speech) if possible.If I need one special software to use it, it's ok if there is a version for usb keyagenda : google calendar and thunderbird + lightningmusic : mpd server + phpMpall kind of files : dropboxI'm looking for something for my address book now and maybe my bookmarks also (but not depending of my browser)what do you use ?thank you
  9. Same /home for every system.Yes why not after allthanksand what about LVM ? have you ever used it ?
  10. I'm afraid, I don't think it's possible. You still have a look here at the lost partition section but don't hope too much
  11. maybe it wasn't clear that it was for linux distribution only.I don't need a soft to do it but a method.So truefusion, what you said is to do 2 partitions by system + the data one ?3 system = 8 partitions : 3 root, 3 home, 1 data and 1 swapI read that the advantage of having a separated boot partition for the one where the boot is, is that if I crash my main distro (with the grub on it), I can still access the other systems
  12. no one really ?I'm thinking about format all my computer to do a new start with a clean structure and would like advices.
  13. Every week I hear a news which make me think "apple is a <insert here the swearword you like> company" Their products are expensive and once you bought it you are definitely not the owner. You can do with it only what apple as decided you can do. It was not so good with the computers but awful with the media players and phones. Officially (and legally) the app store is still the only place you can get applications but you cannot have every app you want with it. It's the customer who should chose if he want to buy an app at 1000$ totally useless. Sometimes it's the content they don't like (porn and stuff I can maybe understand), here it's the price (bad image ? they can fix a rule for not changing the price more than twice a month instead of removing it) or even sometimes because it's useless... Come on apple it's not because your products are technically good that you have all the rights.
  14. look at the date of the last message, I don't think he needs it any more...
  15. Hello, First of all, sorry if this topic is against the rules of this forum, I'd understand if it get closed. My brother is travelling in Asia. He his now in Vietnam and will be in Hong Kong next month. The problem is that this two countries (especially China) are not famous for their freedom of speech on the internet and they block several website (such as wikipedia, facebook, youtube,...). I was wondering how to bypass this protections. I've found lot's of thing on internet but I've several restrictions which are making it hard to do : - it should be free (if I have to pay, never mind, he won't be able to update his facebook's page and going to wikipedia, he won't die for it) - it should be portable (he doesn't have a computer, he goes to cybercafes with an usb key with portable software on it) - it should be easy for him (I can do some hard manipulations but he has some difficulties if you go further than the basics operations) I had first a look at Tor (portable version) but I've some difficulties to use it. If the website redirect you (as is doing facebook during the login process), you loose your anonymity. In china, I heard that the officials node are blocked and you need to look on forums and stuff to find different working. So it's hard and I don't know such forums. I searched after for VPN. I found some free ones but no with portable app. Maybe I can install a VPN server on his computer (in Belgium) and let it on but our internet connexion is not so good on upload (250kbs) and not so much stable (but I can do it if needed). Anyway even if I install it, I don't know how he can connect to it (I've found this site but no download working links). I also heard about Psiphon but I think I've also to install it on my computer (same problems has for the VPN). And here again, how can he use it ? If you know other way, I'm of course interrested Thank you very much
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