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Need Some Help On The Fact That Should I Take My Girl Back Who Cheated Me Or Not?

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hiwell, i did post once in june i guess and let know you people how my true loved cheated me and ask for advice, how to overcome that. i thank you for giving me some valuable advice and making me feel better. but you see now things have changed and life has turn around once again.the girl who cheated me is back. the guy and she has split up and i dont know why. but the thing is she just txt me recently and apologised and said she want to give it one more try.she lives out of london now and i live still in lodon so we both live quite far so it is difficult for us to meet. the girl has said to me we be best friends, she not forcing me into a relationship but she will txt me time to time and probly meet me once a month as it is difficult for her to meet everyday or week coz she live far. she said we could also make out at times.well this sound quite fun huh. no commitements and getting pleasure time to time. you see i have lost my jobs recently and i have no other girl in my life and i am quite alone and bored so it would be good timepass for me.BUTwhat about my dignity and respect. she was my true love and i really loved her from my heart and she broked it. i know i can take advantage of that and use her but it would make me feel guilty that the girl who cheated me now how easily she got me back and also using her wont make me feel nice,now you tell me if you were in my place what would you do, shall i take her offer or not. what about the punishment she desrive.shall i just forgive her and take her back or what shall i do. . .


Don't get back with her. She is just hurt from breaking up with the guy that she CHEATED ON YOU with. If you get involved with her, she may say it is only to fool around, but it will turn into an emotional thing. You can't hook up with someone you used to have feelings for, and not have it turn emotional. She is just looking for anyone, and you were available. Don't get back or fool around with her. Once a cheater, always a cheater.


I think you are trying to have the cake and eat it too...You say you're getting "pleasure from time to time" and isn't this using her, just like she's using you? She may be one of those people who "needs" a boyfriend or someone in her life--doesn't matter what the other person is as long as she gains something she craves. But to say about your respect and dignity, is the same way she is using you to fill her void. You are filling your inability to let her go and so you're wiling to take the safe approach--stay with her but there's no danger of being dumped again. She can't hurt you twice, in a way.Let me start by saying, you'll find your love again. This could be with the same person you fell in love or another person that will fulfill you the way you never imagined (speaking from a personal journey :)).Identify what really broke you two apart in the first place. Was it that you were not compatible? Was it that she needed something more than what you can give? Was it that both of you grew apart? A serious look back and see what really went wrong is the key to finding your respect an dignity.Secondly, is she the one who will be your partner forever? Have you or the two of you thought about dedicating to each other 'till death do us apart? If not, I don't think you should reconsider becoming involved with her--again, my point is that you two are using each other to get over the hurt. She is with you until she finds the next guy and you are at least with her as friends with benefit. You are not letting yourself to be with another person who could be the "one."The question of should you take her back... I think there's nothing wrong with giving another person a second chance. God knows I've been given so many chances that I know I don't deserve. She might hurt you again. And she might not return like this time. But if you truly loved her you will give another shot at making it this time. And part of truly loving her is sometimes accepting the risky side of love--being hurt again and again.If you place being with her for the pleasure of the flesh you are bound to be hurt again. I say, take this second chance to really find each other. Find about her and why you adore her so much. Take this second chance to really discover her and see if you and her are truly meant to be. You will never get a chance like this again.Should you find there's nothing more to go on, give her the dignity that you two much deserve and call it the end. There's nothing more disrespectful and obscene in dragging a dead-end relationship just because two people cannot move on.


hello that's sure a very complicated problem in your situation, let me give you some suggestions but I'm not telling that you should and must do it ok? this is just a suggestion/comment, so the girl cheated you and she wants to come back with youand you are having trouble in deciding, First ask yourself, "Do I still love her?" if No, don't continue.. if yes please continue to read and ask this question again "How much do I love her?" "Am I be willing to get hurt again?" "Whats the point of loving her?""What if I get hurt again?" "Am I ready?" answer those questions and leave a post again then I will suggest to you what to do next :)


It really depends on you. Are you able to forget and forget what she had done? If you are able to do so and that you still feel for her, then sure, get back with her. Else, rather you suffer the heartbreak once.


mra550it ans to ur questions"Do I still love her?" Yes i still do love her as she is my first and true love."How much do I love her?" well, i dont know how much i love her now but before i loved her more than anything in this world and somtime i feel the same and sometime i dont."Am I be willing to get hurt again?" obiously nobody want to be hurt again. "Whats the point of loving her?" that what i dont know"What if I get hurt again?" i guess i been hurt once and if i get hurt again it wont be something new."Am I ready?" i dont know . . .


well i wouldn't be playing games in any relationship. did you ever get over the hurt or the resentment and anger fully from the first breakup? because it wouldn 't be wise to take it in when trying to start a new one with her or anyone else. getting hurt once should be enough for anyone. love can sting BAD.sounds like your woman is on the rebound and looking for something from others even if it risks them getting hurt. this doesn't sound like a good woman to me. she also sounds selfish, insecure and i don't even think she even knows what she wants.just seeing her will bring back emotions and set you up for getting hurt again. i would stay away completely! she had her shot in knowing if you were the right one for her and you weren't. move on. believe me, when a door closes, that closed door allows new doors to be open. to open a past door that has already failed is to close the new doors that you will never get a chance to see what's behind them. do you really want to set yourself up?what's getting hurt one more time by the same woman? see? you are already setting yourself up and don't even realize it. it's your choice bud. i think it would be a defferent story if she remained faithfull and abstinate until she figured out what she wanted, but this isn't the case. now you're getting seconds. but hey, it's your choice. unless you changed somehow, she is just gonna leave you for the same reasons as before....don't be needy. be strong. don't give in to loneliness or any of that. you're better than that and some woman out there that you haven't met yet is just waiting to meet you so you can give her your unconditional love. a love she deserves and wont leave you because she will know what you have to offer....and vica versa.or....hey.....go back with the B**** that already hurt you and go backwards instead of forwards.....see where it gets ya....


I guess, she is not serious in to relationship at all ... :)

she is being only flirt and playful.... some girls want this only ...

do you want to love every girl that comes in your life ? Why not just stay playful ?? :D

I would not misss out makeout at times :(



However on a serious note:

1. It is difficult to maintain relationship with a person that lives far.

2. I feel that you are deeply emotionally connected to her but she is not because if she was deeply emotionally connected to you, she would not have left you in the very first place.

3. she wants to give it one more try ... why not ?? ... just make sure, you do not spend much money on her and keep searching for your dream mate.


if you are concerned that she will think that she is getting you very easily; Tease her; First dismiss her then accept her.


Respect,Dignity ... umm ... I am (love)moral


**All opinions are subject to love risks


Sorry, if I offended you in any way.


** Note: A pun on mutual funds/shares advertisement - "All mutual funds are subject to market risks"


Man.A woman is offering you her *bottom*. Take it but she doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. She had her chance.