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Itunes Stuck At "verifying Ipod"

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Well my OS is Windows 7 Enterprise RTM and I can't sync my iPod Touch with iTunes (I used to be able to). The weird part about it is that it gave me the same error on a computer running windows xp, but then it worked. Another thing is is that I can also sync it in Virtual PC using Virtual Machine Additions.


Let me put it into simple terms.


Itunes for windows is a nuclear bomb waiting to go off.


Just try uninstalling and reinstalling...


If you have a backup of all your data, such as applications, contacts, calendars, etc... I would recommend restoring the device. If it gives you an error or doesn't give you the option to do so, you can force it to restore by putting the unit into recovery mode: Reboot the unit (hold down the home + sleep/wake buttons together until the display turns off). Then when you see the apple logo, hold down the home button until you see the iTunes logo appear. Connect the unit to your computer and it should give you the option to restore.Remember, restoring the unit erases all the data off of it, so make sure you have a backup of everything on there first. This should resolve the issue if it is software related.


HEY i have windows and itunes and it works just fine. what i recomend is restarting your ipod, if its an itouch what you'll want to do is holding the MENU button & the SLEEP button (the circle you click to exit menus, and the thing thats on top of it) if you have an older ipod, or i shouldnt say older, just another kind, such as a nano, or video ipod etc, you should plug it into your computer and hold the MENU & OK buttons until your ipod resets itself (make sure its plugged into your pc)*then wait for the APPLE logo to show up (it should be an apple ;p)once its restarted it should show up on your computer.


 I have an iPod Shuffle (3rd generation) and when I connect it to itunes, it gets stuck at "verifying ipod"...Uninstalling and re-installing iTunes didnt work and I have no idea what to do next...Help me please!!

-question by Kazi