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What Is The Advantage Of Blueray Disk Over A Dvd?

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Can U tell what is the advantage of Blueray disk over a DVD?Why Blueray disk is not popular?which are of companies producing blueray disk?

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The difference between a Blue Ray Disk and a DVD is something very simple, High Definition versus Standard Definition. on Blue Ray Disks, there are several things that are improved from the DVD Disks that allow for a High definition viewing of movies, for example, the size capabilities for blue ray disks is almost 5 times that of a normal DVD (4gigs to 25 gigs), so you can store a greater quality video on it. The data transfer rates have increased significantly (10Mbps to 54Mbps, higher resolution (480/576i to 1080i), the video bit rates have gone up 4 fold (i believe it's 8Mbps to 50Mbps (not sure on that one, but numbers are close)).All of these increased statistics allow for a High Definition viewing of movies on High Definition TV's.Blue ray disks probably aren't so popular right now, because it requires a special player, as well as a high definition TV to play it to it's full potential, and those kinds of things cost money, money that is slim right now in today's economy. I believe that all of the major film companies are producing blue ray disks for all of the movies they are putting out (Sony, Warner bro's, fox, etc..)


Can U tell what is the advantage of Blueray disk over a DVD?Why Blueray disk is not popular?
which are of companies producing blueray disk?

Blu-ray (notice the missing 'e') is a technology developed by Sony to increase the capacity of optical storage media (CDs/DVDs). You can store 25GB (single layer) to 50GB (double layer) per disc, which is a lot compared to DVDs that can store 4.7GB (single layer) to 8.5GB (double layer).

Blu-ray wasn't very popular initally due to the 'format war' with HD-DVD, the main proponent of which was Toshiba. The format war kept consumers from buying players that supported Blu-ray or HD-DVD due to the concern that choosing the wrong format would leave them with a player for which discs are no longer manufactured. The format war ended in the favor of Blu-ray and the now you'll find Blu-ray drives in most high-end computers.

As was the case with DVD, it'll take a while before consumers finally make the switch. When software manufacturers sell their software as a choice between 5 DVDs or 1 Blu-ray disc, that's when you know you've seen the demise of the DVD.


Yes Blu-ray makes a big difference, the media holds a lot more video data than DVD, the quality improvement is pretty awesome on LCD TVs. I would definitely recommend getting a Blu-ray player or a ps3 if you are a movie lover. :P