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Best Antivirus For Nokia 3110c! [resolved]

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hELLO EVERY ONE........i am looking for an antivirus for my mobile Nokia 3110c..........can any one tell me which is the best antivirus for Nokia 3110c......to download and any one has used it or not........thank you very much


heeeeeellllllloooooooooooo any one therewhy is no one replying till now121 visits but 0 repliesnicevery very nicei am waiting for the reply.


mobile antivirusesBest Antivirus For Nokia 3110c!

hey...Man...Cool down...Nokia phones doesnt support exe files,they support only jar or jad files ...They are applications written in java...You cannot expect anyone to design antivirus in java coding tat is around 5 to 6 MB...So quit searching for one...And try to jump to symbian phones or windows mobiles...Else try to scan your phone using a pc...

reply by Senthil Kumar



phone gets switched off Best Antivirus For Nokia 3110c!

hello there

I am using a nokia 3110c fone and whenever I insert a memory card lo there the **** it gets switched off four to five times without any reason and after that it gets switched off and does not restart at all I asked the dealer what the **** ios going he said it may be my fault ? I hav purchased this only 4 days ago and the **** says I might have done something ! and without the memory card the phone sometimes works fine and sometimes gets switched off please tell me what to do and even the *#7370# does not work and I am unable to do a hard reset ?

-question by yogeeshwar


You don't even need an antivirus for your pretty old Nokia device...


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