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How To Covert M4a To Mp3?

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Is there any software to convert m4a to mp3?and also let me know which is the software to convert m4v to wmv or aviplease suggest any media converter helps to convert m4a to any media standard followed by windows..


ya........you can use imtoo converter and also you can use this app. to convert many formats.....try it really works.....................................and also its user friendlyall the best


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Format Factory 1.85 - free and very good, it converts also everything, including audio, video, mobile formats, images, and more, it is an all in one media converter, and it is completely free, with no watermark ads in the converted media you create.Google for the name and you will find it on the spot, it is very popular among video developers, advanced users and begginers, i know that because i love to mess up with video and audio, i usually convert from many formats to another, and i also make my ringtones, so i must sometimes convert mid and wav files to other formats for later editing on other programs.There is another tool named mediacoder which is a media converter too, for only for video and audio, but it does not get near the features and speed conversion of format factory latest update which is 1.85 that came out a few days ago.Format factory updates a lot of times, if it does not have the feature/function you need, request it or wait a while untill it has what you need, but it is better you request, just visit its author website and you will know how to actually request.


I highly suggest going with with media-convert.com. They can convert almost any file, and the results are great. The only thing I wouldn't suggest converting on it is videos. Audio and anything else is fine, but some videos don't come out so well after conversion.


Hi, Check this if it can help: Magic M4A to MP3 Converter 3.12 - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


aimersoft media converter can convert m4a, m4p, m4v formats.