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Any Danger With P2p Using p2p for downloads

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hey i live in india and using p2p to download movies and till now downloaded 2 gbis there any threat to me ar any thing will happen to me because i read somewhere downloading from p2p may lead me to some illegal caseis p2p illegal and also please tell me downloading p2p is safe for me or not


As far as I know a lot, since you are freely downloading files that can be tampered by them..if you are speaking of legal threat, i dont think so, NOT YET unless you run a business.. which they require business licenses as well..


India has piracy laws similar to the US (in fact, they are more draconian). India does, at least in theory, prosecute people for copyright violations.


So, P2P is NOT illegal by itself. For example, downloading the Ubuntu ISOs using bittorrent is completely legal. However, downloading a copy of the new Watchmen movie has the potential of getting you in trouble. I have never heard of anyone from India being prosecuted for downloading copyrighted material using p2p software, but I guess it is only a matter of time.


If you want to be a 100% safe, don't download anything illegal over p2p networks.






It is illegal! If you use torrents to download movies (which I'm sure are protected by copyright) you're acting illegal. Yea it's fun to everything for free but it's ILLEGAL, you might get sued or atleast a copyright company might want money for all the things you've downloaded, and believe me, the money it demands will be MUCH MORE than the actual costs of the movie if you buy a dvd or watch at the cinema. So my advice: use P2P only for legal download, for example linux patches and stuff like that. Mmorpg clients like WoW are also downloadable via P2P as far as I know, and you won't be breaking the law.

Alex Cicala

Not entirely legal.If you download illegal software. Many torrent trackers are monitored so your ISP will be contact by whoever is monitoring, let's say Interpol. Now all you will receive is an email and slight warning. You can receive many of these, you won't get in trouble. But if you created that torrent and it went against copyright then you are at risk of coping fines and jail terms and what not.I would recommend you to choose your path wisely on the internet. Just be sure what your doing.ps. Baniboy, it can be classed as illegal but the police or whoever is in charge cannot touch you. It goes against fair trade laws or something like that. The system for copyright is mixed up. Basically in my view nothing is copyrighted, it only allows the first right holder to sue for massive amounts of money.