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Custom Email For My Domain you@yourdomain.com

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Any providers do you knowlike email:me@mydomain.comFor free of cost and minimum 2 gb inbox capacity. html editor if anybody has please help me.


Do you have a domain registered? If you do, then you can use Google Apps service to have yourname@yourdomain id.
With the standard edition(free) you can add upto 100 users to your domain. (for example you can add
user1@yourdmain). Each user have 7GB storage per account. And you can use all other services like Google Talk and
Google calendar etc...You can have also 10 GB shared storage for Google sites. Goto google apps and find more. You can sign up for standard account here <a href="http://google.com/a/ apps signup</a>.


well, I don't know of any that can give you a free domain + hosting.However, Frihost does give you a free subdomain and POP3+SMTP email.


Google apps service gives you free email hosting. If you've domain of yours then you can sign up. Then configure MX entries for gmail services. You'll get special page for google mail of your domain. You can even customize your own logo and brand it. If you set correctly you can even get mail.yourdomain.com.


Apart from google, even MSN offers domain based mail hosting. Mailbox size is similar to live/hotmail. And you can have some limited numbers of mailboxes.


@Radiation,frihost is post2host with participation compulsion. It's more restrictive on stay in forums. I think Xisto is flexible, you can earn more and then can go offline without worrying about forum participation. So frihost has disadvantage here.


There are actually many more alternatives than Xisto and Frihost, I think. I actually found a very good one myself.I'll mail it to you if you PM me.However, a problem came up again when I tried to use Google Application Services for my email address thingy. Does any have the actual address that works? I know that damoon's one didn't work...Also, does anyone know how to configure the MX entries to fit Google Mail?Thanks in advance though...