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Hdd Health Checkers Any of you use one?

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Hey all, have any of you ever used a tool to check your HDD health?Not speaking about "S.M.A.R.T" but instead programs that will decode what it is telling you and estimate the life left on your HDD.So far I have only used one program, HDDhealth, but it seems to always show 100%, even on drives that have been used extensively for over a year.Have any of you others used that program with similar results, or different results?Or have any of you used another program?At the moment I am going to test out "HDTune" and see what it comes up with.In the meantime, any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks!


I have used quite a few of these programs that seem to always say 100% though, so I don't know how well it works


Yeah, that's my main issue right now...With them saying 100% it makes me wonder if they are really working or not.There is the possibility that they will show 100% when they are "working fine" and will show less as it degrades. It's really hard to tell since when I see that they are at 100% I usually just uninstall the program as I assume it doesn't work.As for this HDTune program, it's working exceptionally well. Rather than putting a % on the health, it explains the various parts and has an "OK" by what's in good shape.It also includes extra settings for HDD scanning - bad sectors, fully "erase" the drive by writing 0's or 1's, etc.The feature I do find to be the best on it is that it tells the temperature of the drive. Like right now mine is running at 46 Celcius.


Ive used a few HDD health check applications - mainly SMARTThey dont seem to gelpful, I have never got a result other that 100%


There has to be *something* that really works.Isn't SMART just the system built into HDD's themselves? Like the thing you can see in your BIOS I mean.