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I am turning 14 tommorrow (Fri), and I was wondering if its too soon to start dating?If not, there is this girl in my school I like, she I think is a week or two younger than me, but she is pretty, smart, funny, but I am not sure if she likes me. Also I live in Mountains and she lives in the city over an hour away, would I have to wait till I am 16 to ask here out? She has Blonde hair, blue eyes, shorter than me younger (I don't really care), funny, pretty, all the things I've ever thought about in a girl, but never thought possible. When school started, whe had some sign in sheets for our classes and I found out that she has the most beutiful name. But she may be on this site, I really don't know much about her, except her name and that she has has apendicitus, and that was from a report on doctors for english. And BTW, we are both freshmen in high school.Please help, she is always on my mind, I need advice! I don't want her to think I am creepy, but I don't want to go on in life hating my self for not doing it. Also is it normal, that whenever she is in the same room as me, I get butterflys in my stomach?Ive been with a few other girls( you know playground love), and I have already been kissed, (i was 8 didn't know it was comin, i just talked to a girl at the rodeo and she kissed me on the lips), but i have never felt this way about a girl.


All I have to say is that if you think you're ready, go for it. If you get embarrased when you touch or look at a girl then you're not.The worst thing that's gonna happen is that she says no. You have to also look for the "sign". You know, the way she looks at you or her smile, if she speaks with you in another way than other boys. Gofor it is all I have to say!


she lives too far, and longdistance relantionships are most likely to fail;; give it a shot though.. she might like you.. i wouldnty know because you provided no input on yourself;; but anywho, it might be a bit young to start such a demanding relationship if you know what i mean


if ask me, that is too young, BUT, seems like you may be ready to take a chance here so who am i to say. most important person to ask is your parents and see what they have to say. hopefully you have a relationship with them that is open and respectfull. i don't tink your too far. there's always the phone or internet and any time the parents can get together to possibly drive on to the other's town.

so i would play it cool for a while and just talk to her casually and get to know her at first and see what common interests you have and such and if it's worth to further any relationship. don't avoid her. just play it casual. if at a later time your feelings grow, i suggest telling her how you feel or it will eat ya up inside and you may regret it.

I am turning 14 tommorrow (Fri), and I was wondering if its too soon to start dating?


My advice is... If you think you are ready go for it. If she talks nicer to you than most people, then she probably likes you a little. I'd take it slow, and not all of the sudden. If you suddenly like her, she might get freaked out, and you don't want that to happen. Maybe you might want to talk to her more often, or something. Act nice around her, but also cool at the same time.Some signs that tell you you're not ready:1. Blushing too much when meeting a girl.2. Unable to speak clearly.


Some signs that tell you you're not ready:
1. Blushing too much when meeting a girl.
2. Unable to speak clearly.

I don't think this is very sound advice really, If you find yourself blushing or stuttering you shouldn't let that stop you from trying. Especially when you are young and first start dating and talking to girls these things are completely natural and the only way to overcome these is to actually get out there and talk to some girls!

Also IMO I don't think 14 is too young to start dating, just take it slowly :)


Eh... My best recommendation is to go for it. But, if you are too shy to go date her, I recommend you to wait several months and develop self control in front of girls because it would be really nicer if you could speak to her clearly and not blush out every time when she looks in your eyes. :)Also, if she likes you too don't be afraid to kiss her, she won't turn you down... Too bad I still don't have any girl that I like enough to go out with her... :)