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Can anyone give me some good links to some great email software. Something that is easy to backup. I know mail.app is easy to backup, just copy the .mbox, I'm currently using thunderbirdportableI want something easy to backup. admittedly most of my stuff is webmail (gmail hotmail etc) So it Won't get lost forever Barring some catastrophic google/microsoft server crash... But with multiple accounts logging in and out is a pain.Something that can retrieve hotmail would be AWESOME too. but I'm just looking for pop retrieval that is easy to backup or portable, and is better than thunderbird. I really liked Eudora, which is sort of the same thing.EDIT: My question is what is a good email application for the mac that is easy to backup? Multiple accounts, pop, and possibly something that retrieves hotmail would be great.Sorry I didn't make it quite so clear the first time


Thunderbird can be configured to retrieve multiple email accounts and have them sorted into seperate folders. No problems.I have 5 or 6 email accounts coming into my Thunderbird. Use POP on each of the email accounts to do this.


I know what would be best, but it costs money. I would suggest going with Microsoft entourage. I use them, and am very satisfied. Hope this helps!


I use Opera's M2 mail client, if you are used to GMails view of mail, you'll love it!