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Which Flash Drive Do You Use?

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I use a 1GB Toshiba USB Flash Drive and a 256MB Imation Flash Drive. Well, I don't rely on them all that much anyhow, so I only require approximately 250MB+ space to store my documents for work. And wow, 500GB Hard Drive (I think you meant "External" XD), I really need an upgrade to my hard drive space on my computer... 80GB is just nothing nowadays.


I have a 8gb SanDisk Cruzer Micro which is like almost all used up and If it counts a 500GB Eternal Hard Drive! :-P

I only have 1 flash disk with 1 gigabyte, kingston... oh...


i use the 250mb creative mp3 i'm cheap :) , rarely used a flash drive though


I use a 4GB ScanDisk Flash Drive for transferring games and such, otherwise I use a 2GB Toshiba FD for storing all my important projects.


I have both a 2GB and a 1GB SanDisk miniSD card that I use via a USB card reader as a thumb drive. Not exactly what some might expect as a convenient data store, but I make a lot of use of my HTC Apache smartphone, and the miniSD cards in it come in handy for all sorts of things. I use the 1GB card mostly for music storage, and the 2GB card for everything else. I keep my encrypted password database on my miniSD card, and using the KeePassword Safe application for either PC or PPC I can read the passwords both on a regular PC using the USB card reader or directly on the PocketPC. I have a copy of the executable for both versions sitting on the miniSD card for convenience. I'm eager to get my hands on a 4GB or larger capacity miniSD card one day. I also keep my Internet favorites/bookmarks on my miniSD card so that they are portable.I've recently bought my wifey an Imation 1GB USB thumb drive, which comes with the ImationLOCK software to create a secure, encrypted partition on the thumb drive. Her own KeePass database is on it, along with her Internet favorites/bookmarks as well. I'm quite happy with her new toy, and I think she is too, but I still prefer the miniSD cards, as I can view the contents directly on my smartphone. Imagine having a USB thumb drive with a mini screen on it to view the contents when its not connected to a computer. Well, that's kind of what I've got! :)


Precaution for owners who had a metal casing flash drive, be careful to insert it in a computer without electrical ground, I personally experienced a minimal electrical shock when I touch the flash drive while still inserted in the computer. I got a 1 GB flash drive that has a metal casing.


Does it really matter what type of flash drive? They are all pretty much the same thing. How can one be better than another besides it's memory or physical size? I just carry around my 1 TB external hard drive. :lol: Hahahahahaha.

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