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Sexual Relationship With Aunt In Law

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you need to go here -----> http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ so they can help you out. and hey, you can pay reverend shnorr $100 to marry you. good luck with creating little children who are also your cousins...

Okay I need some advice - I am attracted to my aunt in law, she is attracted to me as well. We are both married. We want to take it to the next step.


I am with anwii, go see jerry and then go seek some professional help or you two get a divorce and ruin everyone's lives because you two can't keep your hormones in check.


in law not blood


anyone who is married and wants to cheat on their partner is the scum of the earth in my opinion. says a lot about morals and values and the sensitivity of others not to meantion the sacredness of marriage.

in law out of law. same thing funnyman. if you were to have any children with your aunt, those same children would be your counsins

so, i gave you some good advice. i will hopefully be seeing you on the show soon

in law not blood


In all seriousness, you both are pretty messed up. And I'm trying to speak this out of all honesty without being a real jerk, but that's just messed up.In one post, I interpreted your intentions as that you both have already given up on your marriage and are willing to step it up with each other. If that's not wrong, I don't know what is.Don't even get me started about kids. Apparently you both don't give a rat's *bottom* about either spouse... so I'm going to assume that custody will go to your spouses.Why can't people keep themselves in check? I understand that we're all human. I also understand that things happen. But just the fact that you both are ready to sacrifice everything you have just to pursue a sexual relationship with someone else is something else.If you were single, I personally wouldn't care. It's not exactly kosher in my mind, but whatever. But in your predicament, you'd be retarded to throw away your marriage for something like this.


Ok, you didn't really go into detail. At first glance of your message, I would suppose that you are attracted to each other because of physical attraction or the challenge of forbidden love, to which I would respond, stop right now. Don't ruin the lives of innocent people (your spouses and children if you have any). Be rational about it and exercise self-control, or go and visit a counsellor.However, if there are more complications to the attraction i.e. your current marriages have soured and you find solace in each other, then the next step would logically be that both of you get a divorce with your spouses and you can be together without problems of infidelity or having cousins for children. I don't wish to come across as someone who encourages the breaking up of marriages, but I understand that when it comes to love, the situation can be rather unpredictable. ven so, you need to involve your spouses in making the decision. Marriage isn't play and rightly, you can't just abandon a marriage when you find someone better.Bear in mind that this is a very serious issue with major consequences, which will be magnified if you have children. Please deal with it wisely.


Okay I need some advice - I am attracted to my aunt in law, she is attracted to me as well. We are both married. We want to take it to the next step.

I think we're having problems defining what this "next step" is. As far as I understand it, the two of you are sexually attracted to each other. Now, what I do not understand is what is your idea of the next step. Do you mean you want to have sex with her? Or do you mean you want to spend the rest of your life with her?

Either way, if you are, indeed, keen on pushing this through, you have, the way I see it, only one option available to you: divorce your respective spouses and marry each other.

Of course, I am speaking callously, without regard to the emotions of the other parties involved. I do feel that it would be redundant for me to say how regretful your actions might be, how you need to exercise self-control, how it will ruin the lives of your respective families or how redundant I am right now.

Had circumstances been different, like if you were both single, I'm sure there is nothing (legally) wrong with having a relationship with your aunt-in-law. It does seem strange, though, a kinda unspoken taboo in society... like homosexuality, for instance :)


"Self control" is key. the fact that you came here shows that you already know it's wrong. Be strong and don't give in to temptation. Have your conscience help you.


Thanks to those of you who were able to give guidence. We are both in marriages that are not very happy. I myself have been on the other half of cheating, being cheated on in the past by my spouse. About myself and the aunt... We have had an attraction for a while nwo but it has not been brought up amongst one another until recently. We have not had sex . ..


We are both in marriages that are not very happy. I myself have been on the other half of cheating, being cheated on in the past by my spouse.

When a person feels that the fire is no longer there in the relationship they tend to start having second thoughts about the relationship. This is improper, since a spark can still be ignited. Unless you have forgiven her, i don't believe that the spouse you say cheated on you is your current spouse. If it is the one you're with now and you have forgiven her, then it is pointless to bring up the past; you will not be justified in leaving her, because you have forgiven the past. If it is your current spouse but you have not forgiven her, that does not mean your aunt in law has a valid reason for leaving her husband. Also, if it is your current spouse and you have not forgiven her, if the event occurred long ago, why bring it up now?
A relationship isn't about leaving when the times are bad or when things feel sour. Do you know what kind of emotional stress you and your aunt in law can place upon your current spouses just by leaving them? You say you have been cheated before in the past, you should therefore already have insight on how one would feel. Let's imagine for a moment that you and your aunt in law were together like you guys want to be. Then the relationship becomes sour, and we're back where we're at now. This is silly; emotional stress was placed upon your past spouses in order that you and your aunt in law may be together, but in the end the relationship you once wanted is now sour. Therefore, consider your current relationship, for unless your want for your aunt in law stops here, things will only repeat themselves.


ok, in all seriousness here, i agree with truefusion and one other guy who posted after my last post. it's very easy to feel attracted to other people even when you're in a marriage and especially if the marriage is going a little sour. i think it's natural and nor harm done in feeling attracted physically or intelectually to another even when you are in a commited relationship. problems occur though when you actuall consider persuing any relationship with that person when you are already in a commited relationship.

your problem however goes deeper than that because if you were ever to consider entering in to a relationship with this woman and lets say it goes so far to getting a divorce and marrying her, you will still be related to the one you got a divorce from(in law). then you have to consider how many people in this family will support this. probably 0. that's a fact. when 0 people support this, then you are left with one option. to discontinue anything to do with the family you married in to.

all i am saying is there are consequences to thoughts and even more consequences to actions and if you persue this relationship then be prepared for all the negative consequences. i personally am a family man. i love family. even the family i married in to. it's hard enough marrying in to a family you don't hardly know. it's harder when you cause disruption in that same family.

ust because this aunt was close to you from the start doesn't mean you need to persue her. ust means you have stuff in common just like other women out there that you have yet to meet. and ust because the attraction of your current wife isn't giving you fullfillment doesn't mean you cheat on the sacredness of marriage unless you have no morals and values and the vows you took mean nothing to you. if that's the case, you shouln't have commited anything to your wife and waste her time and love for you.

marriage in the untited states right now is not as sacred because when things go wrong, people seem to take the easy way out when in fact there could be a possibility of gaining back what you lost. so! my suggestion in all honesty is to try very very hard and to try to have patience with one that you commited to. give it a year to try to gain back what you both lost. you married her for a reason. right? where did that reason go?

before people get married, sometimes they put on an act because it's really hard to get to know someone fully in 1 or two years. when you're with them for 5-10 years, then you really know all what they are about because you have to live with them every day constantly. you see all the good and all the annoying habits. i personally don't know what sort of situation your in with your wife but if you both found a connection when you were married, it's still there but only lost until someone seeks for it again. takes two though. why don't you sit down respectfully with your wife and come to an understanding FIRST and try to work through things. if she or you are unable to do this, THEN file for divorce because this marriage is too broken when 1 or 2 people in it fail to try and put effort.

all i hear from your post is one sided stuff that you yourself are unwilling to put effort in to your own commitment. i don't know your wife's side. you are already searching elsewhere and that is all i am hearing and for that i say YOU are wrong by the limited information i have to go on.

simply put though bud, i feel for you but don't ever enter in to any other relationship when you are in another. it will cause even more problems. i hope for your sake you understand that it isn't worth it. either fix stuff with your wife and guide your aunt to try the same with her own husband, or you both get a divorce before you ever commit to eachother.....then expect family not to approve or accept and plan on living without them.....even for the special occasions like christmas and thanksgiving.


A relationship isn't about leaving when the times are bad or when things feel sour.


100% Thanks So MUCH!


Yeah, you better just stay away from your Aunt, it could ruin your life someday.


i didn't understand this at first but you're attracted to your aunt in law, in other words your wife's mom's sister. man isn't that pretty old. anyways if you're maried you shouldnt be thinking about another women, because likely you might end up cheating on her. you said she cheated on you but if you're still together you should have forgiven her already, and if you haven't you should sit down with her and talk about it because if you do, there's a chance you might completely loose all feelings about your aunt-inlaw.


Its not a serious matter in sexual relationship with aunt in law.....as in laws are not blood related....

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Na jerry springer wont help he suck go see....your mom or dad tell them dude. trust me its much worse when they find both of you together than just telling them or or run away run far far away crazy idea but some teenagers have actual done that and it helps.