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Firefox 2 To Firefox 3 - Is It Worth Upgrading? Lets settle this matter once and for all.

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i like google browser and firefox 4. works much better on my PS2


It's true, fx3 has some nice features, but I have had maaany cookie problems with firefox 3, that I hadn't with fx 2. I should clear all my cookies before logging in into phpbb2 forums. This is veery annoying. I tried downgrading to fx 2, but I crashed as I launched it. atm, I'm waiting for the next release of google chrome :)


definantly worth upgrading. the system is so much faster than the previous versions.


Firefox 3.0.1 is relly good. U can get addons and make it look great.I currently have colortabs, fire FTP, fast video download, minimap addon, cooliris and fox clocksU can also get various other extensions and themes...... I have noia 2.0, midnight fox and ifox smooth and it looks awesomeU can try getting google chrome.It is much faster than firefox and has embedded apps to get access directly to google serviceslooks also are good. so gone are the times of Internet explorer, netscape and opera... Firefox, safari and chrome rock


Wow! All these new browser are outdoing IE already?! Anyway, I use Firefox as my browser and there are quite a lot of useful add-ons you could install in it. In fact, there's a thread in here that lists quite a number of useful add-ons for firefox. Try searching for it here. I forgot where it was... :lol: I still have to try Google Chrome. I've heard a lot of good reviews about Chrome and would really like to try it out. I'll let you guys know what I think of it.