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Firefox 2 To Firefox 3 - Is It Worth Upgrading? Lets settle this matter once and for all.

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Count me in.


Firefox 3 is a lot faster than the previous version. It's also more stable, less memory hungry and the bookmark system is just brilliant. There's one thing I didn't like in Firefox 3 and that's a really dumb address bar so I had to download an add-on that converts the new address bar to the one from Firefox 2. It's called oldbar and can be downloaded here. Overall, results met the expectations and I'm even more happier user of Mozilla Firefox.


Firefox 3 is good in some ways...> Its stable (sort of)> It looks good.> Its safer.However, like most things, firefox 3 has a major bad point...> It isn't compatible with some add-ons (when you upgrade, firefox will alert you which ones have been phased out of firefox 3)So, if you have no add-ons and want a face lift and a safer experience, go with Firefox 3.If you want a more founded, stable and compatible experience, keep Firefox 2.Mostly, its for you to decide! I like both, but I like using ff2.


Oh yeah, firefox 3 is faster, more responsive, better looking, doesn't crash like my old one did. But I didn't try the betas so i switched directly from firefox 2 to firefox 3. I'm lovin it!

Nice, you guys convinced me, I'm Dl'ing now.


Im currently using Firefox and Opera. And I have to say, Firefox 3 was worth every bit :)


I just recently upgraded to FireFox 3. To be honest, I haven't noticed THAT much of a difference yet. The only real difference I can see is the minor graphic changes.A con is.. I can't use all my extensions yet.


Why not? It downloads and install in 15mins or so. And you can import all your bookmarks in too. Firefox 3 is a new improved version, and seemingly no terrible bugs. Its free too, so why not? But I still prefer Opera to Firefox.


Well even Firefox 2 has already been working very secure and stable. In the browsers war, I believe the Firefox should be the direction for defining standards regarding javaScript handling and web design creation. When creating web pages and when tested in the Firefox world is much easer and simpler. That would be great if all the world browse just in one browser. And I believe Firefox is the strong candidate. Anyway Firefox 3 has some minor enhancement regarding browsing comfort and user interface speed when interacting with browser questions ( like the bar asking for remembering password is not anymore the dialog which you have to answer but it is upper bar and you can ignore question while browsing ... ). also many good add ons and plugins are already available for firefox 3 ( web developer, firebug ... ) so I do not see reason why not to install it ...Maybe I have one bad comment, it has some problem with adobe plugin. So I disabled it and now forex opens any pdf files in separate adobe reader. So Welcome Firefox 3 and use it !BRs,M.


Ofcourse it is worth upgrading, even if you don't like the new adress bar and other things, you should upgrade for the following three things:


+ Speed - Yes, it is a lot faster than Firefox 2.x and this for some is the only reason to be worth upgrading

+ Security - More security means less chances to get falled in a scam or someone stealing your identity

+ Standards compatiblity - The dream of every web-dev, it means that its more compatible with the new technologies and their pages will look better and better with every release and they could add new features (in sense of new code) which will be supported by the future versions.


In my personal opinion I think that FIreFox 3 is better. The reason? More styles. More Responsive. The little things like that can make everything etter. :)


I was only recently made aware of the release of Firefox 3, having not been notified by Firefox, and problems with my internet connection that caused Xisto and similar websites to slow to snails-pace, so I ended up missing the download day and haven't got it yet.
The thing is though, I've been hearing a lot of negative press about it. I know that there was concern that Firefox would break Flash support a while ago, which was fixed, and I hear it's kind of restrictive as to downloading addons and junk.

Now, I did actually test Firefox 3 Beta 5, and my only real complaints were with the theme and that stupid address bar. But the thing is, I'm very comfortable with Firefox 2 and don't wanna upgrade if it's going to break stuff or add features that I'd rather do without. So, I'd like to hear from current or previous Firefox 3 users about their expirience with the new browser, and give their opinions as to whether they'd reccomend getting it. That way I think we'd have a balanced argument where the winning side would soon become obvious.

So, what do you think? Is Firefox 3 really "all that"?

Its definitely worth upgrading dude. There are so many changes that are very useful. You will see the difference when you start using it.
Believe me... You will love firefox more and get more addicted as I am now... :)


i see there's no add on "unplug" for firefox 3, it's not good for me, i really need that, because it's a simple thing to grab any media in firefox, hopefully the new seri will be published soon..


Well this is not problem of firefox since firefox crew is not responsible for the plug ins and so on. This is reply to the previous respons.On the other hand I really like firefox 3 if I leave it open all night long memory leakages are a lot less then in the case when firefox two would run on the computer for all night long. So you see it has some madvantages as soon as people start upgrading plug ins and plug ins repository becomes larger then peolpe will enjoy firefox3 even mroe. I haven't read this topic in details so I don't know but interesting thing would be to know that firefox three is not sequel of the firefox 2 but instead of the firefox 1 :)


I think the awesome bar in firefox 3 is worth the upgrade alone! Forget about having to remember strange url's for all your favorite web sites or places of interest, all you have to do is type in what you are looking for (i.e. free web hosting) and it will search your history to give you a list of all the free web hosting sites you have visited before ordered by how often you have visited them. Has saved me many, many times!


for my case, i think that firefox 2, is more complete than firefox 3, in terms of stabily.????[/tab]?????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I know that in most of the features firefox 3 is better than its predecessor, but i think that they hurry up the last version and did not take the time to fix some bugs that makes firefox 3 a pain in the neck sometimes.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Now I have firefox 3 installed in my PC, and its my default browser, but i have to admit that sometimes i have to go back and use IE7.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Greetings.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????[tab]


It appears that Mozilla are going to push Firefox 2 users to upgrade to version 3. You're gonna get a message appearing telling you to upgrade, although there will be an option to stay with version 2. Just remember that, come December, version 2 will be unsupported and you'll have to upgrade anyway. The idea is to push both users, and extension/theme writers, to use version 3.


Firefox 3 is beyond amazing, it kicks Firefox 2's sorry little *bottom*. The awesome bar is really awesome and nothing less, I hadn't tested the release candidates but the final version really left me with my mouth open.
It uses less memory and the javascript is way faster, but it has some stability problems specially when connections are lost, sometimes it freezes some seconds and sometimes it just plain crashes. It now renders Acid 2 properly so that's a plus.

Basically, you can't see most of the innovations, but I'm really glad they're supporting more and more the new CSS standards.

I just don't like that most of my plugins are not compatible, but I guess that will get fixed as time goes.

i have to agree i upgraded my Firefox 2 to 3 today i was like wow Firefox 3 looks much better runs for smoother on my computer and better genteel to the eyes =). well wolfpack i haven't experience the the javascript crash yet *knock on wood*.


yes its worth upgrading!Because i like the Vista Style plugin for firefox 3 so I upgrade it!Try it if you dont have vista install, it looks like vista!


Yeah. Firefox 3.0x is better then Internet Explorer, Firefox 2.0x, Opera and all them others.Sometimes I get annoyed and angry when Firefox doesn't load for me. It says in Task Manager it is open, then it says Firefox is running but is not responding. That message is really annoying.But yeah, I rarely get them errors anymore, since the upgrade to 3.0.


i like firefox 3 but, i really dont see a difference with the old ones to this one.


generaly, firefox 3 is better, but if you use alot of plug-ins, some of them wont be supported