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hey People ... i m really interested in Learning PHP Programming .. so plzz cud u suggest me from wher should i learn PHP ..There r no Institutes that teach PHP in India ! .. So could u all suggest me some real good stuff from wher i cud learn PHP .. As u trapsters r good in PHP .. !! .. Thnxzzz `` !


I found an understandable tutorial right there. http://www.php-mysql-tutorial.com/
I analyzed the site, it is good enough.


At the beginning I was learning from a book, I don't remember the name anymore...then once I realized I don't need it I found the same things in the internet, mainly on php.net, which is the online manual...I want to say, important is to learn the grounds from anywhere and then u can do anything u wanna just with the help of internet, cuz u can't remember everything of course


w3schools.com has a php section in their Tutorials, I believe, and a php help section in their forum, too.


If you have troubles about it you can consult their documentation. It could really help you.



Definately learn not from a book but from online tutorials and from hands on programming.Get yourself some webspace (use Tarp17!) and upload a simple php file, just calling phpInfo say. Then browse to that webpage and see the results.Like most things in life, there is no substitute for hands-on learning.I started and still develop php in WordPad. There are of course PHP editors out there with intellisense and pre-emptive code completion but really a simple text editor is the best for making you learn the lagunage thoroughly - and it needn't take long at all.There are so many excellent online tutorials for php. Like any programming related topic, the nature of the subject matter lends itself to the medium of the internet when it comes to finding information.


hi there, the above resources are a great start, but remember not to just stick to tutorials. The way i learned was to follow the tutorials and learn the basics, like manipulating a string of characters, or basic maths functions like +, -, * etc....and learning about variables in POST and GET (dont worry if you dont understand what im saying, most tutorials will cover this pretty quickly) Then from there build a basic program, for example a form where it asks for a users first name, then they enter their name and click the submit button and your script compares their name to a list of "banned" users and if they are banned it tells them to go away and if theyre not banned it says hello to them.

Stuff like that.

That way you will get a better understanding of the processes involved in a program and how a program should flow, and also iit will be all your own work. with most tutorials you will simply be copying them, which is great, but to really learn you need to do it yourself with a little help from them and then eventually you wont need them at all and can then step up to the next level.

I do have a tutorial on my website but im having some problems with that at the moment so when its up and running ill post the linky, it tells you all the best software to use and gives a basic intro into PHP. I think its pretty good :)

EDIT: thanks to SM here is the linky http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ its not a long tutorial but it will tell you what software you need to test websites on your own computer, rather than needing a webhost, and the best software to use to edit and create code. It will also teach you in a straightforward way how to create a dynamic PHP website with a url like site.com/modules.php?mod=news which i think is a fun project to learn and useful too!


I learnt from the PHP book by O'Reilly, and I found that it was very helpful, and it was definitely an essential item in my quest to learn PHP. Of course, the best way is to actually code programs yourself, and learn from your mistakes. I also used a PHP host which didn't relay back my errors so I had to make sure I didn't make one mistake in code with a few hundred lines :lol: That helped a lot in building character.


I also would suggest Tizag.com It's the one I'm using now and I think I'm making progress. The tutorials are understandable and somehow straight forward.


I also would suggest Tizag.com It's the one I'm using now and I think I'm making progress. The tutorials are understandable and somehow straight forward.

The link you gave resulted in a 404 error. Perhaps it is out of date?


Hey ppl you have missed out w3schools.comw3schools.com is the first site that comes to my mind to read about any web development technologies ranging from client-side scripting, server-side scripting, database. HTML/CSS, javascript, AJAX etc...Also w3schools.com is hosted on the Xisto.com server (please correct me if i am wrong)


One very good website is http://www.tizag.com/ and it doesn't only teach you how to use php but also html, java, css and perl etc. The key to learning php is not just only reading it but also doing it practically as you read it so you can quickly get the hang of it.Good luck!


Ooeeh I just check out tizag.com looks like a great site to me. I'm going to see if I can polish my javascript skills with their tutorials :)