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There are so many languages used in software and web development. Python is one of them. Basically Python is object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python was developed in the 90?s. Python is simple and easy to learn. Therefore it reduces cost of program maintenance. It is very attractive for rapid application development because of its high-level built-in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding. Python is also use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components. Python supports modules and packages, which encourage program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and the extensive library are available in binary form free of cost for all major platforms. In Python, there are some built in powerful high-level data types. You can add module and extend it in a semantic fashion just like C or C++. These modules can be define variable and new functions as well as new object types. My one friend (who is a programmer) because of it?s productivity.


I'm just wondering since I'm assuming you have used it a bit to be talking about it. How does it compare to other web developing languages like php asp and all the others you may of tried. I wish I had more time to try out more languages but sticking to one does help you improve me. maybe I'll give it a shot and see whats it all about if you can give examples of what sites are written in python.


Python is not very commonly used for web programming I don't think. It is a way to program CGI with mod_python. I think Perl is still the most popular language for CGI. If you want to see the power of Python check out Frets on Fire. It is a good Guitar Hero clone for your computer. You can make your own songs with it also. I think there was a topic on it in Trapinion.


The only reason I even know what Python is, is because of Blender, the 3D animation program. It lets you use Python scripts so you can make your own functions and stuff you help with your work flow or whatever.I started to look into it, but I didn't like the syntax at all. Java is the best that I've found so far, except that it's usually limited unless you get swt or something, because you can load DLLs so you can do anything you can in C++.


Another good example of a Python implementation is Zenoss (network monitoring)--it is one of two great open source networking monitoring tool out there.


Interesting, anybody know any famous or popular applications that are developed with python? I am really interested in learning how to program either in java or .net, and maybe python, but I only have time for one of them.


I am a little confused on this programming language. I do know of PHP, ASP, JSP ... etc are used for server scripting and Java for software development. But what field does Python and Ruby actually work on? The founder of WordPress did mention about Python in an interview with Yahoo!.



From my experience with Python (which I admit is not much) I think it's a pretty good language. Transitioning from C++ or Java to Python is pretty simple because it's a language that's very easy to comprehend. That being said, I haven't seen it used for web development either, but it's great for some desktop applications (for example, the game Tendrils).


Python is one of the best starter languages if you want to learn to program. Most programming classes in college start with this language. Its object oriented, like c++ or java, But much easier to code. For example in C++, the main bulk of you program has to be wrapped in a function:

#include <iostream>int main(){ std::cout << "Hello, world!\n";}

making the output: Hello, world!

The same program in python is:

print "Hello, world!"

You can make anything from scripts to games with it. Once you are comfortable with python, it is fairly easy to transition to a different language. But the thing i like about Python, is it gives you the knowledge to "think like a programmer". And once you're thinking like a programmer, the learning curve on learning any programming language declines.

Feel free to ask any questions. and i will gladly help you start with python!