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  1. Heres my two cents. For one, other animals dream. Have you ever watched a dog sleeping. I had a dog whose legs would move like he was running and he would bark in his sleep. Thats a sure sign of dreaming. Dreams are basically the byproduct of our brain sorting out all the information it collected that day. Think of your brain as a library. When you are awake for the day, you collect a lot of information from your five senses, plus any emotion chemicals (Think of this as recieving a shipment of books being dumped into the center of the library in no necessary order). When you sleep your subconscious tries to tie in all this new information with the information already stored in your brain (The librarian is putting the books on the shelf, and cross-referencing them with the dewey-decimal system). Now your consciousness tries to make some sense of this information flying around in your head, so what you get are a few words from each book, or cross-reference. Another thing dreams are good for is your subconscious having an outlet to vent your fears, frustrations or any strong feelings really. Now while it is my strong belief that most dreams are like the first example, it is possible to have lucid dreams(where you know you're dreaming and can control the events happening), or even possibly precognitive dreams(dreams that foretell the future). I have a good example of a precog dream my sister had, but I will save that for another post. Who defined civilized? Because I think the Native Americans had it right about how to live. Being one with the earth and all that jazz. We are not a superior species because we make all this technology that can destroy Earth. If we were truly civilized, no one would be worried about global warming, overpopulation or starvation. (Sorry, a little off subject) I think you are partly right though. Because our brains evolved in a such a way that we had a use to store more and more information. And without dreams our mind would be an endless mess. Here's a good link to explain animals dreaming- http://news.mit.edu/2001/dreaming
  2. Here are directions on making fizzless soda (lol): Option 1: 1. Buy a 2 liter of your favorite soda. 2. Shake the heck out of it. 3. Release the cap slowly so a little air escapes, little by little 4. Rinse and repeat until the soda doesn't foam up anymore Option 2: 1. Put your soda in the fridge with the cap off for about a week. fyi: Soda is made with carbonated water which is what makes it fizz. If it was made with regular water it wouldn't be soda. But if you like flat soda, by all means follow the directions above!
  3. Ok, I must be special or something, cuz I don't get it! Actually I just asked one of my roommates and he didn't get it either. But a better punchline would be:Time to get a new chair.Could you explain it to me, just so it doesn't bug be for days!
  4. So I have another story. And I guess this one is more about scammers than consumers. But Holy Crap, I'm more racist than I know I guess. Ok, so here's what happened, i'll try to explain the best I can:About a month ago, I had a guy come into my store and get a product for $3.99. He paid me with a 50. Then when I hand him back his 46.01 he says "Oh, did I give you a fifty?" He then pulls out 4 more 1s and asks for his 50 back. I pull the 50 out of the drawer and start to hand it to him, somewhat low to the counter. He then throws the 50 (the change plus his 4 ones) on top of the 50 and says "on second thought, just give me a hundred dollar bill". Seriously, how stupid do you think I am? After I'm like "OK" first give me that 50. He then starts asking for different change. I exchange a couple more bills, making sure I'm taking it from him first and then giving it back.Finally after a few rounds of this i'm like "umm...no, i'm not exchanging anymore money with you". He goes off in a huff and says "well the bank will do it. (Yeah right, like the bank is going to be taken in by his scam.) So I figure its over and i'll never see this guy again because he knows he can't trick me. WRONG!3 days ago, I started working at a different store down the road from my original one. This guy walks in and asks for the same 3.99 product. Of course, I'm pretty suspicous its the same guy, but not absolutely positive at this point, he looks familiar. We go to the register and he pulls out a 50. Now I'm positive its the same guy. When he hands me the 50, I look into his eyes and say very clearly and maybe a little loud "OUT OF A 50 DOLLAR BILL?". So he knows hes paying with a 50. I then give him his change and guess what he says (grr..). "Oh, did I give you a 50?" Exact same thing with the exact same inflection as last time. That is the farthest he got this time. I then told him I recognized him from my other store and that I was not going to exchange any money for him. He gets all mad and walks out of the store and yells "It's because I'm black!" WHAT? Seriously. No. Maybe its because you tried to scam money out of me--not once, but twice! Why do people always play the race card? I am not a skinhead. I do not have a swastika tattooed on my forehead. I don't tell racist jokes. I treat everyone the same regardless of their skin color. Yeah, if you try to steal, i'm going to say something. You can be white, black, green or purple. I DON'T CARE!
  5. Uhhh..yeah. That was just answered twice for you. Look at the two posts above your last one Yeah, and I do agree with St Michael on one point. You really should seek some help with your drug problem. If you are ODing on stuff, you probably do have a problem, and it is in your best interest to stop. Also, if you go to a treatment center and tell them your problems, you can possibly bypass seeing the doctor because they have the skinny on all sorts of drugs and can probably tell you if your symptoms are serious. (From what I read though, if you really OD'd, you would've had a heart attack while you were under the influence, and you would either be dead or in the hospital right now.)
  6. Ok, lets be honest. That site is BOOORING. You put it together pretty well, but i would go for some more color personally. Add a simple background, like a fading color or something. Also the menu could use alot of work. Try using buttons or at least put the links in bold! The title banner leaves alot to be desired. Go to a free banner maker (search for "free online banner maker" on your favorite search engine) and spice it up. Another thing: With so many doors to choose from, I personally would like a little more information on them before buying. Such as what they are made of, dimensions, etc.You did a good job. But my recommendation would be to work on it a little each day. Find something every day to make it better. Whether it be submitting it to search engines, or just sprucing it up. Keep in mind that when search engines crawl your site, they notice whether or not anything has changed. If you change or add content on a regular basis, your site will get crawled more by the search engines. Also, the comment about search engines not crawling pics is totally false. Have you ever searched for an image in google? I rest my case. Just keep it up, and by the time you actually get ranked and start getting traffic I'm sure you'll have a stellar site.
  7. OMG, are you F-ing joking? LOL. If you've been studying medicine for three years and took ANY kind of course with almost anything to do with sexuality you would have heard of Masters and Johnson! They are very prominent figures in sexology. They practically invented the field. Oh yeah, and guess who coined the term "masturbation". Hmmm...Masters, maybe? So please don't blow smoke up our butts, you pre-med student, you (lol). Really? Well here, since you like to throw the links out: http://www.livestrong.com/ (btw, her statistics on males and females coincide with what mikeyboy said!), Good site for christian masturbators!!!, Either that, or she'll masturbate alot! lol. Seriously though, just don't marry a nympho, marry someone with your level of sex drive if possible. An interesting side note is that woman are at the peak of their sex drive when they hit about 35-40 and males are there at about 18-23. So don't worry, she'll cheat on you no matter what! j/k As far as being addicted to masturbation, how do you define being addicted. IMO addiction is something you have no control over that affects your life negligently. If it makes you stop going to work or school, stop being social, and turns you into a loser, THAT is an addiction. If you "wack the willy" once or twice a day, does that make you an addict? Probably not. If, however, you are surfing porn on the computer for 12 hour intervals, you just may have a problem . I'd be interested to know if anyone actually believes they are addicted to masturbation. Please comment, if so.
  8. Ok, as for the title, I believe I can answer that. Before "straight" was slang for heterosexual (this slang can't be more than 30 years old), it also meant to be drug or alcohol free. I still hear people using it for that. Or another definition also fits. "How ya doin', bro? "oh, i'm straight" (meaning i'm ok). Now that the title is somewhat clarified, LOL....In my opinion, you don't need to see a doctor. The drugs are out of your system, and the doctor is not going to do anything for you, except recommend a drug treatment center and give you a big fat bill. I think your symptoms are purely psychosomatic. In other words, you are being paranoid and making your heart skip a beat. Your mind is a very powerful thing. Its documented that people can make their hearts stop just by concentrating. It seems you have it in your head that there is something wrong with you. Just chill. Maybe try meditating. As you are going to bed each night, give yourself suggestions like "I am perfectly healthy" and "My heart is strong, it is the strongest muscle in my body". If you drift off to sleep with these suggestions in your mind, then your subconscious should pick up on it and your symptoms should fade.LOL, i just checked dictionary.com and there are like 39 definitions for straight. BTW, heterosexual rates #38. You guys need to get your mind out of the gutter! LMFAOPeace.One more thing I thought of, and it goes along with being paranoid. Do you smoke pot? If so, maybe you should give it a rest and completely detox your whole body. And pot definitely makes some people think they're dying, lol. Like that police officer a couple weeks ago who confiscated some weed and then went home and smoked it. Then he decided to call 9-1-1 because he was dying. LOL, stupid pig, you can't OD on pot! Anyway, hope something I said helps!
  9. Has anyone checked out the SpaceShipTwo and White Knight Two that Virgin plans on rolling out in 2009. I know that SpaceShipTwo is a space shuttle that will be for tourists and will orbit the earth, giving tourists a seven minutes to experience zero gravity. From what I read, they plan on testing this summer! And tickets will only run you $200,000. Anyone have a spare $200,000 I can borrow? We'll see what happens. Although after reading about this I did a little digging and found articles from '97 that talk about how we are going to have hotels in orbit for tourists as soon as 2004! Hmm...that didn't happen. On that note, the flying cars that we were supposed to get by 2000 didn't happen either. But Virgin seems to be making headway, and you can reserve tickets. (Couldn't you put a deposit on a flying car in the early 90s?). We'll see. Maybe I'll be able to retire on the Moon, or better yet, Mars! Anyway, with all my doubts, it would still be alright if you guys donated $200,000 to me, just in case this doesn't bomb!
  10. Okay, so I already got my pass reset. But I can't get into cpanel via my subdomain, e.g. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. Is there something I am doing wrong. It is acting like it just doesn't exist. Please let me know!
  11. Hi- a few days ago I was unable to view my website or log in to cpanel. So then I decided to try to post something on Xisto. Lo and behold, i couldn't log in there either. So I emailed support. They sent me name servers and a new password. Hmm..I'm using python.trap17.com. So i don't know who i'm going to have point the name servers to. Who is my registrar? Also I am still unable to access CPANEL. Please help. ASAPOne more thing. This has been taking up my hosting credits...no fault of my own. So i need some of those back. Thanks-Derrick
  12. Crap! I got with tech support already! So I think my site was reset. But I still can't log in to cpanel. At least I can now log in to Xisto. Please keep us posted
  13. I agree, we have forums for all the other popular languages! Where's Python? It'd be nice if an admin replied to this and let us know what the chance are of getting it added!
  14. dwolters


    Python is an interpreted, high-level, object-oriented programming language. You can write anything from scripts to full programs. I would definitely recommend it if you want to get started programming. It is, in my opinion, one of the easiest languages to learn. It gives you the basics of understanding how to program without having to worry too much about semi-colons and declaring variables before you use them (like c++ or java). But it is, IMO, much more flexible than, say, Visual Basic. If you want to read more about why it is a good first-time language to learn, go here: Why Python. If you are interested in learning it, you can check out my tutorial, the link is in my signature. If you are interested in making games, I am in the process of making a tutorial to use the extended library "Pygame" to make some games. Hope this helps!
  15. Ok i don't believe in god. But the argument about us finding all matter is very laughable. Do you know how large this universe is?? Do you even know how many universes there are? How many planets are there? Have you ever heard of dark matter? We suspect it is there and makes up 99 % of the universe but can't detect it. Can we see whats smaller than a quark? We can't see all the micro-micro-micro-scopic stuff. or the macromacromacroscopic (see the universe from a large view, imagine being a trillion times bigger, so that our solar system would be microscopic) Who's to say our universe isn't just one cell of a massive sentient entity or a virus of a humongous turtle? hehe. Trust me we know about .0000001 % (if that) about the universe. I'm all for science, and have researched alot. But we are not even close to solving all the mysteries of the universe. Ask any physicist. Anyway back to god: When I said I don't believe in god, i meant the christian religion. Or any modern religions for that matter. Christianity was made up less than 3,000 years ago. Almost all religions can be traced back to some point in time. This earth came along way before man did. And with man came religion. In all animals, there is a survival instinct. Avoid death at all costs. From evolution of man, sprung "evolution" of this survival instinct. Let's take it one step further!! We're going to live forever!!! Riiiiight. What about every other form of life? Why don't they live forever? Because of a conscious mind? Have these christians ever been a dog, a cat, how bout a dolphin or an amoeba. Well I guess we kind of live forever. No matter is ever destroyed, just turned into energy (according to common theory). So eventually we'll be energy! GREAT! Will we be sentient? Very doubtful. It could be. I think this is the basis of some hindu religions. Don't quote me on that though. Ok...so here's where I stand! Ready for this? I DON'T KNOW! And No one knows for sure. Why waste your time on faith? I'm pretty positive christians are wrong. If there was a god, he wouldn't be like christians say. And in the bible he changes his mind way too much. . So I say just live life to the fullest, and whatever happens, happens. But don't expect too much!
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