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Your Server's Speed Is Getting Lower & Lower.

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Hi admin of Xistowhen i got a host from september , the speed is fast& I found it,s getting more & more lower the speed & what,s wrong with the server?


Probably more users, they share the speed of a server.So more users = Less speed (Until our great admin upgrades hosting again :D )


It looks like it's exactly like that , it's just like as that.More users...= Lower speed?


I think Xisto need more money ...... Click on button : " Make a donation" at under each pages at here and send a bit money for Xisto.


I've noticed this problem as well. Yesterday I ended up staying away from Xisto simply because it took forever for the pages to load. I don't know why though. Usually it loads rather quickly and it seems normal again today. I figure they were probably doing some maintainance or something. It's all back though, so I didn't mind not being able to use the site yesterday. It could also have just been our computer acting up again as well. <- snipped -> at least once per day helps keep Xisto from going under. So, don't forget to click them. Just don't do it repeatedly in one day.. That wouldn't be a good thing to do. Later.}