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Helping Me With Flash for school

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hi people,i need some help here,i have to make some flash thingy for school,if some people here are willin to help me?(its a great honor to help a root admin :D )you dont have to be a complete proffecional(would be nice doh :D)i just want you to disign some buttons with me and so,if your intressted,just pm me or mail me oke?(you dont have to spend much time or so, just a couple of buttons and advice i need :D )greetzwassie


no let met explain,its a information film for the tourists that come to the netherlandsi need to make this for school:page 1: an intro page that says i made it and stuff...page 2: you can select from different languages (but only german must be active)-when you click the german button you go to page 2page 3: you can select different subjects that are famous in the netherlands. like mardurodam ect. -when you click on one of those you go further to page 3page 4: you see pictures of the subject you chose... and you hear a voice i recorded about that subject...it would be great if i make more pages about 6 or something,but only at 1 page i need to play my voice there,it must look awsome, (so i get a good grade :D)and must be the same theme on every page...


so anyone who can help me?

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They make you do flash in school? grrrr ur lucky in mine all they teach us about web design is how to make a simple page with ms frontpage. When we did that i could have gone to sleep how boring it was. but what annoys me the most about that i always get rubbish grade for IT because i cant be bothered to do something i already know. :D Yesterday we learnt how to use EMAIL!!!! :D i havent learnt anthing in that stupid school.

Sorry for going a bit off-topic :D


"Learned" how to use email? wow... Our school is better with that, teaching us things such as ps, basic html, flash (I believe), and stuff liek that. Of course, you can't take it until you're a junior or a senior, which sucks. And as far as flash goes, I have flash mx on my computer but I don't understand it too well. I mostly use it to create ai files to import into ps. (because I don't have adobe illustrator.)


i will help you, mail me instructions to five24@net.hr,i'm webdesigner with degree (engineer of computer design)so, it's peace of cake for me ;)


i would like to help ....but i dun really well on it...i just know different kind of Flash builder u using is abit different in the steps...anyway ....i would like to learn more action scripts in Flash...which i never understand how it works...something called "contructor" am i right?what is that used for ...? and how does it works...?I'm using Flash MX at the moment.......i would be really pleased if anyone have any good suggestion of tutorial or some basic on the net can share with me....