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Ufo Is Coming?

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I believe in aliens if that was the question. But UFOs seen near our skies are quite hard to grasp. There are millions of millions of other galaxies apart from ours. There HAS to be other life forms in these galaxies as well. To think human beings and the earthlings to be the only life forms in space is ..... quite... lonely isn't it? But that does not mean they are any smarter or dumber than us. If these creatures actually can move about in and through galaxies they must be a lot advanced than us. What dumb need can actually drive these advance race of creatures to just wisp our skies at night and crop weird circles in our farms, seems absurd. :XD: If they wanted to have communication with our world they could jolly well land somewhere and meet our people. They need not fear anything because they must be much more advanced than us.And there can also exist the possibility of them existing but they may not be as advanced as us. That being said, we can be sure of aliens not visiting us at night, simply because even we cannot cross galaxies.But they might have taken another route of evolution suiting their home planet that could vary a lot from earth. That way they could have developed in a completely different way, granting them the power of crossing galaxies or at least planets. But again why would they just whisk our skies at night time and not really show up? :lol: As for people who claimed they have seen UFOs can be telling the truth. They are just saying that they saw something which they cannot explain in the sky. It could be a set of lights, or a round disc. That doesn't implement that aliens has to be behind this. It could be a scientific phenomenon or a top secret military operation.All I am saying is that if aliens were so advanced as to cross galaxies and planets, they would have contacted earth a long time ago than just fly their ships around our skies. :)


The UFO theory is quite interesting. There are many rumours which accompany UFOs in and around. To site example of few:1. Some believe that UFO's keep on visiting earth on regulare basis. Many people have taken pictures of mysterious shapes with typical lights roaming in the sky.2. One theory states that most important places (even Whitehouse!) are being run by Aliens..there have been many lawsuits against governments for hiding classified information about UFO's.3. UFO's have base stations on earth which are at places such as Bermuda Triangle etc.It is still a mystry- if UFO's come on earth, why do not they make any direct contacts? Still unanswered.

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