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Blu-ray News and considerations about this new technology

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well, for me its not as if i have jumped on the blue ray bandwagon, but i do have a ps3 so i wouldnt mind it too much if blue ray won out in the end :) At any rate i am interested to see where this battle is headed. oh and thanks for that description nirmaldaniel very basic, yet very effective


I, myself have a PS3, so if I ever have the need for Blue-Ray, there's another use for my 600GB PS3! :P (Too bad I can't use that 600GB and add that on to my 400 GB Computer, for a grand total of 1 Terabyte :D)The problem is, Blue Ray is kinda expensive though. Many people will not want to pay that kind of a price for one disk. And the system itself costs more than a 600GB PS3, so.. :) Hey, since sinthetix brought it up, I will probably still use some of the old stuff, like VHS Tapes and Records as well as Cassette Tapes and Floppy Disks(3 1/2 and 5 1/2 inch). :D Also, thanks for that Wiki and Blog article. I never really knew that much about Blue-Ray, just what was in the PS3 Box. B)


I don't think the DVD will last much longer, but I'm going to use the DVD as long as I can since the Blu-Ray appears to be the better disc. I just don't feel like paying the extra money for the Blu-Ray.

blu ray is more advanced than DVD....but we need a blue laser to read...


50 gb it's veryyy nice

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