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Sub-domain.. Don't Want I need some help

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I requested a new account for my dad but did not receieve it seeing as how I have the ability to use sub domains. But see I don't want my dad's url to beSM1968.ss9.trap17.comthat is way too long for him or his old cronies to rememberIs there a way I can shorten this?


You can always use a redirect.. like co.nr or .tk, has.it, there are many outhere. thats one solution


Co.nr and uni.cc are all like unavailable.. "No new sign ups "blah blah blah crap...It is so annoying


I was thinking of getting a .info but yeah.l


http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en is a god option for you. You can choose an easy to remember name, that is short enough. Though that address does not allow directing somebody to a specific page of the site (like I can't direct you to my affiliate spage on googlue.tk without you having to go through the main page!), it is good enough.Good luck


thank you ^^


I was thinking of getting a .info but yeah.l


The .info domain name lasts for only one year and you will be required to pay in some dough.


That doesnt go down too well with me you know.


i use .tk it's rarely not working, quite fast but best of all: it's FREE!! :( :(


I Don't really like .tk I Don't know why but it sounds a bit um I Dont know .... weird to me...Oh and after the free year of .info it is STILL very cheap...like probably half the price of .com domains


any one know how bind the .tk name to "user.trap17.com" ?I ,m afraid there is not a good thing like that...Just be sure of that....


.tk basically gives you an option for forwarding rather than the DNS service. The DNS service is available only for Premium members. So I wont recommend that. The only best company to offer dns services is UNI.CC .Which easily sets up with the Xisto account. You can use the PARK domain option in the cpanel and point it to your hosting account.


Here is a list of free domains that support dns:
you.uni.cc -- http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
you.da.ru -- http://da.ru/
you.biz.ly -- http://nic.biz.ly/
you.net.ru -- http://ru.faitid.org/
you.za.net -- http://www.za.net/