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Can Anyone Help Me Write A Small Program To Launch Firefox With A Specified Url

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Hi allIve completely removed IE because it caused me laods of problems with virusse's etc... but i use msn messenger a lot and to veiw my emails i usually just click a button and it loads IE with my inbox opened and ready for me. But scince i no longer have IE it cant do that and wont open firefox even though it is my default now. So what i want to do is to write a small program in VB that will launch firefox with the url that msn messenger sends to it. Ill call the exe the same as internet explorer so msn thinks it is launching IE. This exe will then take the variable (as i assume the url is sent in a variable) and pass that on to the firefox exe as the location to open and with any luck i should have my inbox.I know how to shell another program from VB but i do not know how to take a variable from another program and i have no idea what this variable from msn messenger will be called. possibly something like "url" but what character identifies it as a variable? like in php it would be "$php" but i have no idea in VB as im not very good with it! Any help greatly appreciated!


Are they given by the commandline ?
check the variables argv and argc


It's possible that it just uses the command line way of calling IE, which would be "IEXPLORE.exe <url>" If so, then you might be able to make a copy of the FireFox executable, rename it IEXPLORE.exe, and put it wherever MSN is starting IE.


Thats a good point, i havent actually tried that yet, let me go try that! then ill let you know the results!**EDITWell that was unexpected!After copying the mozilla files into the internet explorer folder (because i couldnt rename the old folder and create a new one for some reason even though it contained nothing.) and renaming firefox to IEXPLORE.EXE i now have a working internet explorer...ill try to figure out this strangeness! its darn weird**edit 2!Its because a program called "iexplore.exe" keeps making itself in the internet explorer folder, no matter what i do. And i fear its not internet explorer i think it could be a virus. So going to do a full scan. Also the folder contains another folder called "connection wizard" which i cant delete because it says it's in use by another program yet the folder SEEMS to be empty. I think windows is lying to me. Any ideas what to do?


I dont understand completely but..You can set the homepage on firefox to your inbox (or whatever) and get it to remember your password, that way you will go there straight away.Or you can set the MSN messenger settings to either open when your computer boots or just put it in your start up folder.


Yeh i think ill leave it now as iexplore doesnt seem to be infected anymore, its really strange though how it just appeared there. Ill keep a carefull eye on my proccesses just to make sure im not at risk.And on that note i suppose this thread is redundant! Thanks for al lthe advice and help!I might also set my homepage to my inbox, suppose itll be easier anyway!


I tried something similar but with MediaPlayer and happened the same: lots of copies of it... weird.I'm not sure, but Stuff Plug for Messenger Plus! 4 makes it so every link you click on the messenger will open on you default browser.


i can make you a program in python to get arguments that r are being send. that could help you somehow to make that program in vb.and isn't it simpler to make an email checker on vb?