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What Do You Think Of Global Warming intellectual

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i think it's our guilt, every day we trash the garbage, use our cars, only buying products that consumes several natural resources we are killing our planet, this is our problem and we have to do something.


but listen well, there is one country that is the most guilty of this planet, and you know of what country i'm talking about, and it's name is:


United States Of America.


you are the 40% of our planet garbage and contamination!.

i think you are sick! and your president is the most sick of all, in heart and mind!, and i better shut up or they will ban me.


I think Global warming has been around longer than we have. I do not think there is a problem, just a cycle. I believe that this will all come around full circle eventually.Yes the stuff we have today does effect it, but I do not believe that. If so, than our time here with the pollutants that we put into the air, are nothign compared to what has been put into it from the past such as volcanic ash and other celestial disruptions.

Well do you want it to go in a full cycle? The average tempature is rising FASTER, much fater then it did the first time. And the volcanoes in the ocean will go off in about 10 years if it heats up at the same rate and cause everyting to go off.

Is it a problem? Well it is. No one can say it isnt unless they really are just ignorant. The fossil fules create clouds that block the heat so the Earth dosnt heat up. On 9/11/01 when the downed all the planes the average heat went up a whole degree. Now that dosnt sound like much but its usually dosnt change that much ever. If we were to just stop all the fossil fules making are Earth WOULD heat up. So im not sure how they are going to ever fix this, but we have about 10 years and then there is no going back. The Earth will be unsavable because the heat will have increased to much to save. This dose not mean that the Earth is gone in 10 years it means that there is no saving the Earth after those 10 years and nature will be in charge.

I saw this on Nova or Frontline can't remember, but it's very interesting. I might be wrong on a few things because i watched it well over a month ago, but i was pretty close. Did anyone else see this?

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