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300 Gb Discs (like Normal Cd's) Storage

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lol by the time I will be able to afford one the prices would go a lot down. I think as the demand goes down so does the products price. so it is either go off the market or be a big boom in the industry.This is really good if you are downloading stuff from torrents then you can compile them all together and then have it on just one small compact disc or it can become a great backup disc. But guys don't worry in time there will be cheaper and better storage disc, sleeker, harder and easier to maintain. We'll just have to wait and be paitient.


Dang, these are just totally out there. I though the disk of huge gb storage would never come!!!!!! Thank you for showing me this link, i would have never have found out about this.


300 gb is allot! lol, i mean that could be enough to last me a lifetime >_< i wouldn't have any use for one of them..unless i want to back up all of my programs etc... but i would have no use for it i thiink 300 gb is a ton of space personaly that i would never need....but just one disk could do me good for a LONG time! unless i wanted more than one etc..im curious how many minutes of music it can hold though.i could burn all my songs on there :( yeah right...

well we can really never say that it is a lot, maybe a few years from now 300GB will not be enough - remember when Bill Gates was quoted that 640Kb is enough for everyboy - not sure if this is true though, see where that 64Kb will go now.


holly crap.. and i thought the next generation blue-ray disc or hd-dvd is alot.. .30gb... but 300gb per disc?.. that is crazy. They said it's possible to go up to 1.6tb per disk.. .who would ever need that much? it's like all the anime/movie/drama you ever downloaded in 3 years worth would fit into one disc. .AHAHA that's pretty coolbut really now.. lol.. .the writer is as much as a decent new car... not to mention people have to buy the disc reader... plus... 100 dollars per disc for 300gb?.. i would rather buy a 300gb external hdd or internal hdd for 100gb.


I think that the film industry should use this kind of technology to make thier films, sure people will need to buy new dvd players but the people who burn the films will have to charge quite alot and it will probably end up cheaper to pay for the original film, But i am confused as to where someone would be able to purchase this sort of product? Would they sell it at certain computer stores or at everystore? People with really big hard drives would benifit from these as they can practicly burn theyre whole hard drive to a disk.


I don't think it's worth it either. The stability of the disc would be a big factor to consider. Since discs lose their data overtime, and if you accidentally end up getting scratches on them which affect the data inside, you'll probably have to wave, "Bye bye hundred dollar disc!"... It's probably not a good idea to store such a huge amount of data on something that can eventually degrade. I would prefer those flash drives because they're easy to carry, you don't need a case for it, you won't get scratches on them, and they can carry a pretty satisfactory load. Just my two cents, though...


WOW! Thats an insane amount of storage for one disc.like many have already noted, the concern for havign so much data on something so easily damagable, and the price is an obvious downer. i mean. . . .that much for a writer?. . . jeeez .. . .but if you think about it , why would you want that mutch storage on a disc anyways.yeah sure, you transfer LOADS of files and data etc, back up entire pcs etc, but that can be done with External hard drives for a fraction of the cost, and they will only improve and become larger and cheaper.the HDDVD and Blu-Ray format will be interesting too, when their made fully mainstream.nice find :(


thats a crazy amount of room. I would never be able to fill it all up. But it would be awesome to have it. But the price is insane. But it will probally drop when something new is desinged. I really dont see it selling to well at this point in time. But as techonlolgy developes it would probally sell a lot better.


the rapid advanced in portable storage really makes my pc hard-drive seem obsolete. i mean, i would've thought hardware would have better specs but this just blows my pos harddrive to pieces. i was looking forward to blu-rays and those new dvds but this? really technology is kicking everything in the butt nowadys.


OMG, thats expensive equiptment there, how much u wanna bet it will go down soon? give it 5-10 yrs and it will go down drastically, its good for companies though, if u wanna move stuff if u are going to reformat somthing or if u wanna make an ultra giant music cd lol!nice post!


OmG!!! i got astounted when i noticed that Optware is designing a disc capable to store upto 300 GB, also file transfer rates are quick enough to burn the entire disc in less than 30 minutes!!!


But theres a small problem.... the reader drive too expensive: $2700and the writer drive...... much more expensive : $20,000, also each disc will cost $100


Check it out http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/11/24/maxell_holo_storage/ and http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Yes this technology is super expensive and such because its the cutting edge. I am pretty sure that in a few years that will go down in price. As technology advances and the supply and demand go up the price comes down. LOok at the prices of computers. They used to be so much more expensive. Just like DVD, VCR, and Microwaves. These days those things are way cheaper than they were when they first came out. Its all pretty darn amazing.


I kind of don't think this is a good idea. Discs can start to lose data because of old age. Also its hard to keep a disc clean and not scratched up. You will eventually drop the disc and get scratches on your hundred dollar disc and won't be able to read some of your data or the disc may skip while playing music on your pc.Also if your wanting to transfer files to another persons computer, most people on this world are probably to poor to invest in something like that so they can read your files. Also in reply to the message saying that 300gb is not enough storage in the future, 300gb would probably last long enough for your wholoe life, think about it, world of warcraft is a very large game and its about 3 gb large. So you could fit world of warcraft onto this disc 100 times. They had the right idea but I would not trust putting all my precious data onto one disc and hoping it doesn't mess up.


I personally think it's a nice new idea, having CD's that are capable of storing this amount of data, as technology is always increasing and more disk space is required.
However, I can see the down side aswell. Scratching a CD, damaging or somehow else managing to stop a disk from working is just too easy in my opinion. If the company or user pays a lot of money for their reader and writer, they want to be sure that it will last a while and not go outdated in hurry, therefore I don't think this is necessary yet.

I reckon they should concentrate on items similar to USB pen drives, as opposed to compact disks. At the end of the day, it's harder to break a USB pen than a CD. The transfer speed is probably also quicker on the USB port, as it supports the extremely fast transfer speed.

This is just my opinion on this new amount of Disk space on a CD. Cheapest method at the moment, is to buy a lot of hard drive disk space, which is just as effective and faster. I reckon they should concentrate on these or the USB pens. I would say floppies, but these are old now and are prone to damage. Plus, because of their workings, it's only possible to have a very minute amount of data held.

Thanks for sharing this with us. Always nice to know how well technology is doing in the improvement process! :lol:

Did anyone even bother to look at the images? Note the return to the solid cd caddy?


the reader and write is expensive but the cds r cheap 100 dollars for 300gb is gr8 take a look at a 250gb hard disk its bout 100 too and u can take it where ever u go flash drives much more expensive so its cheap


Do you remember these famous quotes?

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."

- Thomas Watson, Senior, Chairman of IBM, 1943


"Computers in the future may weigh no more than ten tons"

- Popular Mechanics, 1949


"But what is it good for?"

- IBM Engineer on the microchip, 1968


"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home"

- Ken Olser, President, Digital Equipment Corp., 1977


"640K ought to be enough for anybody"

- Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft, 1981

The world is a quickly changing place, and once, we actually believed fitting 650-700MB on a single disk (CD-ROM) was alot of space. But now, we have DVD-ROMs that can hold more than 8GB. Think about it... a DVD-ROM that holds 8GB of data has about 50,000 times the capacity of the once popular 160k, 5.25 inch, single-sided floppy disk, and only 425 times the capacity of a CD-ROM. The 300GB disc is less than 40 times the capacity of our common DVD-9 disks. Yes, times change, technology advances, and those of us that cannot accept it will be left behind still marvelling at how fire can be made by rubbing sticks together.


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