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Teleportation Possible Software Designes, Lacking Hardware

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really people come on i have a question that i would like some one to anser. How the bloody hell could you possibly convert organic matter ie the person or thing your goin to telepot into infomation on a harddrive? because remember hardrives are a code run by magnets which use the numbers 1 and 0 on a decible system then converts that to information so on and so forth so what are you gunna do stuff the person in the hardrive and send them through a wire? mabye that quantom teleportation or wateva that otha guy said could work because your send the information of the person and reconstructing a new one not actualy sending the person

Cerebral Stasis

According to the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy, matter and energy can be converted from one state to another, but none of it can be lost. So, in theory, a person could be converted into magnetic energy and back again, although in practice, it may be too complicated to ever be accomplished.


Although teleporting is a complicated subject, I reckon it will be around in the future. Technology is improving all the time. What we thought impossible hundreds of years ago, is what we consider old fashioned now.I'm not convinced life would be able to match what happens in the computer games or in sci-fi movies though, there's so much that could go wrong. In reality, as mentioned in some of the previous posts, if a multiple amount of people or living beings teleport at the same time, some of the genetics could become mixed up. You could go into the teleporter as male, come out female or as another animal.Would be nice though, if we could move to another place in the matter of seconds. For example, people could leave time to the last minute, then teleport themselves to wherever they need to go. Would also help with the traffic congestion. Everyone could teleport instead of travelling by vehicles.Would probably be very expensive though, and would most probably involve training due to health and safety concerns and whatnot.Science is a very interesting subject, but I don't think teleporting will be invented within the next century. Flying cars will be existent before teleporters in my opinion.


hey dude!, it's quite interesting, imagine that you could work in mars; you take your quantum phone and call to your wife, -hello darling, i'm editing the report to the ultimate xtreme mars rally, i'm dirnking a glass of water from venus, so, i finish it and go to home, pd, i have separated a table in the hard rock caffe of the moon, so i would like you to put that dress i like, ciao!- and then you go to your personal teleportator, ask it to go first to the market and buy a beautyful dozen of roses, and go to your home just on time!.it sounds real good, but unfortunately i don't believe i can see this wonderful technology, even, i don't think that human or live form can be teleportated, the mystery of life goes beyond science, think in this:there is a man who have never drinked, never has tasted the flower of one marlboro or cigarrete, he runs all the mornings, has a beautyful girlfriend, and a grateful life, in conclution he is a healthy boy, all his organs are perfect, he has pure blood in his veins, and nothing affect him.one day the guy in his excersises for a reason that nobaody knows, he has a heart attack, maybe he overestimated his physic state, and for reasons that also nobody knows there is no body near to help him, maybe hi is scaling mountains or climbing the everest, so the man death. After a couple of hours, after this healthy guy is well death, he is finded by his neighbor or somebody else, and then he is bringed to a hospital to see what happened, think that there is nothing to do, he will never live again.The point is, after the man has lost his life, there is nothing to do, even if all your organs are intact, after your soul has leaved your body there is nothing more to do, so i think that for life being teleportation, it should be necessary to teleport your soul, vital energy, existence, call it as you want, to the new location, and as love, life is something that cannot be hold with your hands, so i think life teleportation cannot be true.however i can't imagine the several aplications of this technology, may be yo can taste a glass of water from venus, if we can't, robots can, and they can do all that we. other thousands of aplications can be inplemented, like a personal bank in your pcPORTATION, a good dinner in your desk in seconds from any place of the world, and bla bla bla, just leave it to your imagination.


im not scared about losing the mental part of me. what happens if particles are lost. liek jsut a FEW? Everytime you use teleportation...you'd end up like 1/2 inch shorter. or a finger mising. or something. jeez i dont trust that stuff. I'll leave it for a future generation, but teleportation is not for me.


I don't care if it's possible or not. I would NEVER use anything like that. I mean, converting matter to waves is already complicated enough. (and if I recall, an atomic bomb does just that). It just seems to me like it's too dangerous. I do like science a lot, but if you ask me, that is just too much into the extreme portion of science. I would much rather use a teleporter to transfer an item rather than a human being. Plus, this stuff makes humans seem to not be living or anything (who would want to exist even for a second as nothing but waves?). Still, though. Things like this are pretty interesting. I would actually like to see this accomplished. Just not for human transportation.


it is possible but it will take decades even century for us to conjure such a machine.but for now think of the movie "the fly" :)


Listen, we all know the idea of teleportation is brilliant. I being a science student my self take to much interest in physics particularly in time travel and teleportation but, I still don't think teleportation is possible. Iwe gone around reading to much stuff on the net and it all points to theories. We have to down on theories butwe cant test it. Its because the technology required for this is just to complicated. IF lets say this sort of technology wos even created thn thts atlest another 400 years. We look at our science today and its like a tiny droplet of water in a vast vast ocean. WE know nothing . And tht is true. Science cant explain what "klife" is yet so how can you transport people? and mind you I am a believer in the concept of a "soul" . Iwe read so much about scanning this whole organic code and reproducing it on the other end while eradicating the other but what does science havee to say abt soul? that its just memories or a bunch of different chemical combinations?. We all know tht science dosnt believe int he concept of a God or soul. But as faithful believers for us to think this is possible would be rong don't you think? I mean how can we evn hink of producing a so called "soul". Tht in it self would be a grave sin and I, a 16 yr old, asure you no matter wht science says...To move a soul from one place to another is not going to be possible. I hate myself for saying this yes but its what makes sense to me. I mean people waste ther lives over teleporttion and timetravel but both of wich are trying to be God. We CANT be God. And be4 I said tht those complicated machines might evn take hunddreds of years to be created and by then what are the chances the world will exist?Ther are t hings we should know and things we sould not. Soumtimes I just feel tht science goes over board with trying to explain everything. Also all thhese teories abt teleportation and time travel are again just theories...Chances of them being right are wel not a lot.Thts jus tmy look at it Please do comment.-reply by JADE


Thank youTeleportation Possible

I do agree with every thing you say we are not God for that matter we should not try

-reply by Michael


learningTeleportation Possible

Would it be possible in learning this without any other machinery, as in just utilising the brain's potential to do so. Most humans use around 2% of their brain power, surely floating around in the otehr 98% is the potential for instant teleportation. Do you know if it would be possible to learn this, as I am very interested in harnessing as much of tht extra potential as possible.


PhD / teleportationTeleportation PossibleI think teleportation for metals and other solids is possible and will be take place in the near Future but instance in human is opposite because at first human energy will be converted to a matter and human could transfer from one place to the another place without any complex technologies . There are many powerful and hidden energy in the body of everyone that could be controlled and changes to a matter in the another place . For access this technology we need an activation energy that help us to travel everywhere we like. In this manner only energy will be transported and there are not any restrictive factors. By this manner we can reach to a sun speed because there are not solid matter in the system. For example If we look around ourselves we observe that many peoples that were able to control their mental energy like holy peoples and so on They could exist at the same to in two different places that were very far from each other. This energy in the body of each person is different and need to be activated to a high and specific level of energy for transportation.-reply by Saeed Samavat

ghost of delete key

im not scared about losing the mental part of me. what happens if particles are lost. liek jsut a FEW? Everytime you use teleportation...you'd end up like 1/2 inch shorter. or a finger mising. or something. jeez i dont trust that stuff. I'll leave it for a future generation, but teleportation is not for me.


This is something like the old sci-fi novella "Rogue Moon" by Algis Budrys.

The gist of the thing was that they were making copies of an astronaut to explore some deadly phenomenon found on the moon.

The subject's molecules were parsed and the signatures cached on magnetic tape (!!! it was 1960 :P ) and copies sent one after another to the Moon to investigate. Each time a doppleganger was killed, a fresh copy was sent.


Problem was, each copy was experiencing signal degradation.


The way I see it, it is quite theoretically possible to do something wacky like this, but of course there are far too many "fudge factors" to take into account to make such a thing feasible.

More likely, true teleportation would not take this technological form, but instead would be achieved by bending space. A kind of a tesseract if you will.

It's kinda hard for me to explain, but something like walking along a shadow to get around the object from which it projects. The closest I can come to relating the thought is to point out that the shadow of a 3-dimensional object is 2-dimensional; likewise the shadow of a 4-dimensional object is 3-dimensional.


Or look at it as if you take a string and stretch it between your fingers, and an ant would have to take a while to crawl it from one end to the other.

If however, you pushed said fingers together letting the string fall slack, the ant could step directly from one hand to the next without crawling the length of the string.




Only once Human knowledge can expand such that we can comprehend the mystery of gravity, and how it bends space/time, would such a thing be possible, and would render the notion of the Copy-Paste Method of teleportation not only moot, but foolish. We could then leverage the "shadow effect" on our 3D shadows to navigate around to some other slice of time where it also exists somewhere in 4D... because a 4D object is the object everywhere it is "whenever" it is; or in other words, "at all times it exists". Our 3D perception is only where a thing is at one moment of when it is.


That way, we gould go wherever, whenever; no dopplegangers, no lost souls or molecules, no hibernation for millennia to make a simple trip and not wake up dead...


I do think that it could be possible given the trend for inventing the impossible that Human history has witnessed.


Today's magic is tomorrow's technology; it always has been, and always will. That's a constant.

The only variables are imagination and the will to achieve.


Teleportation is not (and will not be) possible for a few obvious reasons people tend not to think about. Here's just a sampling of the difficulties you'd have with bringing the concept to life:1. The receiving device (or platform, etc.) would have to have all of the exact chemical structures necessary to recreate you.2. The receiving device would have to be able to recreate you INSTANTANEOUSLY. And by that I mean that there couldn't even be a one second total delay (even though you see people "fading" when they teleport in movies). The reason for this is that if the process weren't instantaneous or if you were teleported in fragments, those fragments would be hanging in open space and would fall in globs to the ground.3. The original "you" would have to be uncreated. Decomposition of a human body into raw chemicals in a matter of seconds may be possible someday far into the future, but it'd be hard not to consider it murder, and it would hurt very, very much.4. Continuing from #2, an instantaneous recreation process is flawed in concept due to the fact that you cannot simultaneously create the interior and exterior of a human body.5. Would you really want to leave your memories, personality, etc. in the hands of a computer that's subject to errors?In short: no, teleportation is not possible now, nor will it ever be. Wormholes and other such concepts fall into the theoretical realm of transportation, and anything else would simply be a model of evaluation/destruction/recreation from memory (and still won't work with humans).


Therory has it that for teleportation to be possible, you would need all the computing power in the world x4 just to break the person down from biological form into data bits. Who even knows how much space that would take up? I don't see how the software for that kind of thing exists. I do agree that WAY more advanced hardware is needed to achive something as monumental as this. But how could anyone have developed the software? As I mentioned earlier, it would take way more computing power than currently available just to send whoever into data form. So how could the software even have been developed in the first place? The receiving platform would have to be so incredibally complicated to recreate human structure, that we will never see teleportation until the technology is developed. And even when we had all the nessesary tools to complete teleportation and its nessesary steps, what would happen if the system is faulty? You wouldn't want to be stuck in some cyber world for the rest of your life, or be rearranged incorrectly. That would probably hurt. A lot. If someone is going to invent teleportation in my lifetime, I definately don't want to be a test subject :P . I say teleportation is a very undeveloped area that we're not wired to understand. Leave teleportation and other subjects to the people of 2080.

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