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I have always had this Idea that Genre was just made up to discriminate music, and limit people by makin them believe that the genre they like is the best, and they defend it with their life. People like this are never open to other genres even though they hear some other song and they might find it interesting but since its not the genre that they worship they will hate it. For instance, someone who is a hardcore hip hop fan will probably hate nu metal or something like that, or pop, etc.

There is this project called the Music Genome project, that started in 2000 and they analyzed a whole bunch of songs, but I dont mean just hearing them. They studied the theory behind them such as harmony, melody, key, syncopation, a whole bunch of things included in music that sort of have some effect on people kind of like hypnotizing them, but different people have different taste in music, so what they have done in this project is to show you what other types of music being the same genre and some not that you may like.

Check it out, the link is:


Just input a song or artist you like, and it will show you different songs from different artists/genres.

I was really surprised when I had put Linkin Park and then sean paul feat. blue cantrell came along, because I really like that song, and didnt really expect to hear it. Then some other songs, from electronic to metal came a long. I actually ended up liking most of them, but not all. It cant be perfect I guess, or sometimes the vocalists voice isnt just right.


Ahh, pandora.com. I love its service, but with my dialup connection, it makes going through the music suggestion difficult.If you're bored, you can always use pandora to find out possible albums that you can buy next time you're at the store. Good stuff!


that is a great site for finding music of the genre that you like ...... saves listening to all the dross that you dont want to hear.


sounds pretty neato. I kind of do the same thing automatically mentally when i listen to music.


Very cool. I remember seeing a post on TalkBass.com about this, but never realized exactly what it was, and therefore, never bothered to click the link.

Cerebral Stasis

This is an amazing project. Pure genius went into the making of this program. Thank you very much for the link. I have found many songs that I had never heard of but have discovered are alot like what I enjoy.


BTW I did try this. It was kind of cool for the first hour or so but then it eventually crashed and when I rebooted my computer and tried to reaccess it worked for a while but it kept freezing up. I gave up after that. Its a great idea. I really think that some one put alot of thought into it. However it really does not have all the music that is out there in there. I tried some slightly obscure bands and songs and it pulled up the wrong kind of stuff. It was alright though because it did have alot of other stuff. Anyway I did think it was okay. :(


Pandora is definitely a cool spinoff from the music genome project, but as with any technology, it isn't perfect yet. I'm sure that later on they'll add more terms analyze a song by or allow more fuzzy logic range so that you get songs that are slightly farther away from what you put in but still might appeal to you. I'm also hopin that they add more and more obscure bands and even songs from upstart bands and musicians. Here's hoping.


This is a very good site (and project, altough I didn't hear of it). It came quite good as I just ran out of music to listen to and did not know what to do.Of course it has some glitches (putting in Mike Oldfield gave me some techno tracks too), but it's a wonderful tool.Two thumbs up!


What an amazing site! I?m trying it right now and it?s very useful, and doesn?t seem to use so much bandwidth (comparing to other simmilar radios based on recommendations). It?s amazing how it gives you proper reasons why the songs are simmilar.Thanks a lot for the link.


Yeah i've been on that site before. It took ages to load for me though


I just learned about this site and I love it, I didn't have any problems with loading or lagging... the suggestions are amazingly accurate and to the point. I tested it with a few different styles and lesser known artists and must say I have been very positively surprised. I also like that fact thatm besides playing stuff one likes, it can introduce you to new artists you didn't previously know. This is especially useful for musical genres which were "before your time" so to speak (i.e. before you were born).The only thing I'm missing is an option to select certain attributes and then create a station that plays songs conforming with those attributes. I think this would allow more experimenation to find interesting stuff than just going by artists and/or songs.


When I first herd about it, I absolutely loved it. To me it was such a great idea, finally a site that organizes music theorically rather than by genre. It really has helped me gain new bands and such, but the thing I really don't like about it is that when you add songs you like it seems to redetermine the music played on the station. With one of my stations I had setup for John Coltrane, I got a smooth jazz song that I liked to I said I liked it, and before you know it, I kept getting more and more smooth jazz tracks on there, and nothing even similar to John Coltrane.Oh well, other than that its great.


I love this website. The amazing part is you can click a button that says "Why is this playing?" and it will say something like the bass line is the same or something. It just is holding so much information. (Wonder how many hosting credits it needed :) )


Wow this so very cool. I love it very much.It takes up a lot of bandwidth though.


that is awsome i love it you kinda just get the feeling for a genra and just wana keep listening to it thats a good site ill bookmark it


Yeah, it?s true. The explanations are amazing... I don?t know how they do to categorize songs but yes, you click on the "why" button and some scientific-alike explanation appears about simmilar high-pitched sounds or whatever :)


I used to use pandora all the time. But it makes FF take up like 100 megs of memory, and started slowing down my computer, so now I use iTunes. =PI DL'd all the songs that I listened to on pandora, though :)


Haha, awsome....


@ Uentil, stay away from one liners or you'll be in trouble.Pandora is a pretty cool place. I tried it once a long time ago when I was still not that much into music and it was interesting. And now that I've begun listening to music, this site is awesome. I just hope I don't go crazy and get more songs than I need. My friends did that a lot.

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